Julia is the name Lennon gave to the light hovertruck he and Wilks bought. Wilks renovated it as a hobby project and is converting it into mobile surgical clinic for Lennon to use. It was bought on Gonghe as a "fixer-upper" and Wilks got it running on the flight to Beaumonde. After giving it a test spin, Wilks let Lennon try it and he had an accident, requiring repair work to vehicle and driver.

It is a "hover vehicle", which in Serenity terminology is a free flight anti gravity vehicle. Antigravity units provide lift, allowing it to take off vertically or hover while hydrogen powered jet turbines provide forward thrust. It is capable of climbing to at least 300 meters altitude, but speed and handling suffer as height increases.

The crew often refers to it as the "skiff", but a skiff is normally a military hover vehicle and usually armored. Julia is actually closer to an ambulance or a porta-clinic. Lennon spent the last few months purchasing used military surplus mobile clinic supplies to outfit her. Julia can be set up as a mobile clinic on her own or can be used adjacent to a more permanent structure. She has her own medical computer and supplies that allow Lennon to do nearly everything he normally would do in his medlab remotely. Though Julia does have some limitations and sometimes serves only as a transport vehicle back to the Yellow Submarine.

As much as Lennon would like for her to have some kind of audio system, alas she does not. Wilks took that out after Lennon crashed her the first time.

Julia now has some decorative painting of her own. Lennon was so impressed with Jackson's nose art commissions on Lucy and Lovely Rita that he hired an artist for his own vehicle. On Julia's aft compartments are painted: "Julia" in script with the words "When I cannot sing my heart, I can only speak my mind" (lyrics from the song) just below. More prominent are the words "Medical Transport" in red on the front and back of the vehicle. As Lennon is a lot more practical and has less money than Jackson, except for the script, the words are all spray painted stenciled letters.

3 tons
Speed Class 5
Agi d8 Str d8 Vit d6 Int d4 Ale d2 Wil d6 Life: 14
Assets- Hover(M)
Complications- Airbreather (m)
Complexity 36 (High)
Driver, 3 passengers
Cargo-1.5 tons carried
Fuel-.1 tons (40 pounds) 16 hours
Cost- 300cr
Maintenance- 12.8 cr/year