Juan's Secret

Months after Juan turned 24, the King Alfonso XII died of tuberculosis. His wife, Queen Maria Christina found letters that the King had kept. Juan and Alfonso XII had been writing to each other for 6 years. It was clear to her that her husband had much trust and faith in this Marqués' son. In the interest of protecting her infant son, King Alfonso XIII, Queen Maria Christina got in contact with the Marqués de Santillana. This led to Juan becoming a secret agent, answering only to her. She charged him with the duty to educate the new King when he comes of age [takes the throne]. He must also look for opportunities to help Spain advance it's technology, to find new places to conquer, inform her on the state of Mars, and forward contacts to aid Spain in finding new business. Being an agent, Juan must exercise secrecy and caution. It will also involve many roles that he will have to adapt to. He must remain an agent until he perishes, or until his 41 birthday. On his 41 birthday he will then take up his position as an educator to the King. Lastly he must send all letters directly to the Queen in a secret code.