JoAnne started gaming in college when she met her future husband, Jim. She has played in several of his campaigns, both AD&D and Star Wars D6. She played in the Warlord campaign, playing the paladin Kiriana. She recently played the half elf archer Rhiann in the Secrets of Blackveil AD&D campaign and a samurai in Blood Vengeance.

Previous characters include the halfling psionicist Lilan Dembri, the mage Mirabel Aldair, arabian paladin/desert rider Amara bint Essafah, arabian sorceress Jaheira Fayid, half-elf archer Galen Moraen and the Star Wars bounty hunter Taig Rannar.

Jim just had to throw out a week of campaign notes, he usually writes on a clipboard
Jim "Back to the drawing board"
Jo "Or the clipboard, as it were"

Jim "I'm doing magical math" (Working on material costs for a magic item)
JoAnne "So you're doing Arithmancy?"

Remembering the 80's scifi horror movie, Lifeforce
Jim "It had space vampires"
JoAnne "So they're spampires?"