Jo Lynn

Jo Lynn class
1,100 tons
Dimensions: 135Lx100Bx35H.
Speed Class: 5 Hard Burn: 7
Fuel: 480 hours at SC 5
Cargo: 399
Crew: 2 large double, 2 small single
Passengers: 2 large double staterooms, 1 small single
2 4 person escape pods
Agi d6 Str d6 Vit d6 Ale d4 Int d4 Wil d6
Pilot d4 Perception d4
Complexity: 32 Average
Cost: 55,800 cr
Maintenance: 184 cr/month

This is based on a design from Future Armada. I have modified it. Here is an external view and the original deckplans for the gunboat version. And my simplified deckplans for the freighter version.

Gunboat version
Dimensions: 135Lx100Bx35H.
Tonnage: 1,100 tons.
Speed Class: 5 cruise/ 8 Hard burn.
Crew: 5 (2 double, 1 single)
Fuel Capacity: 600 hours at SC5
Cargo Capacity: 245 tons
Passenger Capacity: two single cabins
Price: 90,300 credits
Agi d8, Str d6, Vit d6, Ale d4, Int d6, Wil d12; Init d8+d4, Life 18.
Pilot d2; Perception d4; Heavy Weapons d6
Complexity: High
Maintenance Costs 294 credits per month
Assets: Fast Throttle (m)
Gear: Armor 2W, 2 4 person escape pods
Armaments: Turret guns (One dorsal, one ventral); 0.2 lb projectile (d2 vehicle scale damage), 900 round magazine each
Standard missile load (32 tons allocated): 16 medium-range 1000 lb. missiles (d6 starship scale), 16 long-range 1000 lb. missiles (d4 starship scale)