Jeremiah's Bounty Hunting Gear

Jeremiah's Bounty Hunting Gear by Doug MacArthur

Item Damage Range Cr Weight Avail
Netgun d6S 10ft (40max) 35 20 E
Chargecuffs d6S - 5 1 I
Revlonis-3 3d8S - 10 - I
Triox-9 3d6S 20ft(1200 cu) 10 4 I
Sleep Salt 4d8S - 6 - I

This jury-rigged contraption looks like a small bazooka. It consists of a 4-foot long, 6-inch diameter tube containing a compressed duramesh net. Four weights load into the front of four smaller tubes surrounding the main barrel. The net connects to a battery pack at the base of the main tube by a spool of wire 40’ long. A small pistol grip is located at the midpoint of the main tube, which is hoisted up on the shoulder before firing. Shotgun shells, one for each of the four weights, are discharged simultaneously when the trigger is pulled. They launch the weights at a shallow angle, pulling out the net and the wire from the spool as it expands. Maximum range is about 40 feet, but it is generally only effective at about 20. A second pull on the trigger sends a strong jolt of power down the cord from the battery, stunning anyone in contact with the surface of the net.
It is a HARD Agility + Athletics action to escape from the net after being struck successfully or a HEROIC Feat of Strength (Strength + Strength) check to break the net.

Charge Cuffs
These manacles feature a thin band of conductive material around the inside of the cuffs connected to a small battery pack located on the 4 inch bar between the cuffs. A small control device (often worn on a utility belt or harness) delivers a jolt of electrical power. This jolt is painful and, while generally not strong enough to knock a person out, strong enough to make a person drop anything in their hands. It definitely gets their attention.

Revlonis is a contact poison, passing through dermal layers and into the bloodstream where it induces a semi-comatose state. The biggest danger to the user is that any exposed skin is vulnerable. A clear sealant may be applied beforehand to protect the user from accidental poisoning, though you’ll need to be careful when applying it.
It’s an EASY Agility + Covert action to apply the poison without accidentally dosing yourself. It’s a HARD Alertness + Perception action to spot the toxin on bare skin with protectant. It’s a FORMIDIBLE Alertness + Perception action to spot it if it is masked in something such as lipstick.

Triox-9 is an aerosol-dispersed chemical that attacks the nerve receptors in the brain. Usually a defensive measure installed in airtight passageways and chambers, it is loaded into grenades, though any wind quickly disperses the gas and renders it ineffective. The Alliance developed Triox-9 during the Unification War and it’s still considered a military weapon, though select security firms and corporations have a license to use it. Certain individuals have made a pretty coin selling “surplus” canisters on the black market. A single canister is enough to fill 1200 cubic feet (such as a typical hallway or medium sized room).

Sleep Salt is an ingested poison. It works extremely fast, but it has a highly noticeable salty taste that makes it obvious in anything other than food covered in salt. Once swallowed it deals Stun damage within 60 seconds.
It’s an EASY Alertness + Perception action to notice the taste when applied to food where salt is not normally used. The Difficulty changes to FORMIDABLE when mixed into heavily salted food. Success means you’ve detected it before toxic amounts have been ingested; so long as you drink a lot of water, you’ll be fine. An Extraordinary Success means you haven’t ingested any at all.