Jackal Tomb

Players and Characters
Lee- Human Cleric of Tyr, Lothar
Callum- Human Fighter, Ancip
Chris- Elf mage, Endres
Michael- Human Duelist, Vyncent
NPC- Duncan, half-elf ranger

The party is stopped at a small arabic village. During the night, they are awakened by cries of alarm and the sounds of battle. They rush outside to find the villagers under attack by strange shadowy jackals. The party begins to attack the jackals and sees that their victims are shapeshifting into jackals as well, they must be some kind of werejackal. The shadow jackals retreat, taking their converted victims with them into the night. A ranger that was also staying in town joins them and they head out to find the villagers. The trail leads them across the desert where they encounter a pair of giant scorpions, then to a tomb in the sand. They enter and find a tomb-prison to a jackal demon. A stone golem guardian blocks their way, but it is defeated. The shadow jackals are trying to do a dark rite to release the jackal demon, they are using the converted villagers as sacrifices. The party slays the shadow jackals and rescues the villagers who are in human form during the day. The party brings them home and Lothar uses many castings of Remove Curse to cure them.
(GM's note- this was a shortened version of an adventure I had run previously)

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Chris's wizard did Find Familiar and got a snake
Jim "Do not use your snake as a thrown weapon"

Callum is trying to choose a better rolling die
Lee "There's all kinds of d20s in there, pick a pretty one"

Lee about his war priest, Lothar "It's more important to smite the enemy than coddle my party"