Joined 11/2/2019

Jack played D&D when he was younger and is getting back into it. What he lacks in experience, he tries to make up for with witty banter, quick jokes and some cunning rule combinations. His first character was the dwarf priest Giovane Alba in Jim's D&D 5E campaign Cult of Madness, but he was forced to retire that character and replace him with a human fighter, Eroe Wallbreaker. He played an elf Sorcerer Gala Foraoise in the Kanmorhan Vane campaign and is now playing half-dwarf wizard Furath Bolt in the Depths of Evil campaign.

And he built his own gaming table! And now he has stepped up and started DM'ing.

Random Quotes
Driving to the Renaissance Festival, passing a Yukon Denali SUV
Jack "If you need a car to put your other car in"

Discussing that the party has a tendency to forget to check doors for traps, magical or otherwise
Jack "The three greatest threats in D&D: mind flayers, dragons, and doors"