Jace Forsythe Kerrigan

Jace Forsythe Kerrigan is one of many children born to the noble clan Kerrigan, a family of old wealth and political renown.
Unlike his other siblings, Jace was born a sickly and weak child, victim of a chronic illness that has spurred many rumours- most notably of noble inbreeding and of a family curse (neither of which are true). One day in his early adolescence, Jace is stricken with a severe bout of his illness and it is believed that he is on the verge of death. His parents, devout followers of Sung the White, bring in a cleric and perform a ritual, praying for the life of their child. With the blessing of their god, Jace’s illness gradually fades into complete remission. He is cured.
With his illness no longer preventing him from cavorting with his brothers, Jace is able to immerse himself in the daily activities of young nobility- fencing/swordplay, horseback riding, (and the medieval equivalent of) yacht sailing (his favorite).
In his adult life, he is a strong man, talented with both blade and diplomatic ability. Like his brothers, he begins to dabble in local politics and is a born leader. He finds himself at one point in the wrong place at the wrong time, and witnesses the shady under dealings of local leadership.
The leaders of the town have been manipulating events behind the scenes. They are creating problems with nearby townships and using them as an excuse to overrun them. It is great for their (medieval equivalent of the) Military Industrial Complex, making money off of weapon sales and destroying nearby villages. The village leaders are also taking the young and making them into slaves for selling or sex work.
Jace catches a family friend ushering a child slave into a caged carriage and draws a sword. He takes the child and escapes to the manor. He decides then to try and use his position in the town to shed light on the shadowy decisions being made. He plans a speech to expose the shadowy dealers.
Jace is later on his boat, relaxing on the lake, when an attempt on his life is made. A magical projectile hits him in the right temple and his last moments end in a red and white mist.
He awakens later on the deck of his boat, covered in unmentionable red bits. In place of the wound on his head is a swatch of scar tissue in the shape of a sunburst. The blessing of Sung has saved his life for a second time.
Jace leaves town on horseback with the orphaned child, under the cover of night. He is cloaked because news was already spreading of his death. Jace makes his way to the temple of Sung. He dedicates his life to the god that spared him so many times. He begins clerical training with the goal to become powerful enough to end the cycle of violence and remove the veil of secrecy in the political climate of his town and others like it. The orphan who begged to accompany him to the temple decides to stay at the temple as well, where the clerics and followers embrace her as their own. They train in the clerical arts for a couple years while remaining cautious of making public appearances. Once he leaves the temple and travels the land again, the rumours begin- is he a ghost, an urban legend, how did he cheat death? He gains the title of Jace the Undying. Shortly into his roving cleric mission, he meets the party.

Clan Motto: “Consider the End”
Heraldry: A shield of sable with three armoured helmets, red detailing. (worn on a signet ring)
Red: The Martyr’s color, signifies military fortitude, and magnanimity.
Sable: Denotes constancy, and sometimes grief.
Helmets: Signifies wisdom and security in defense.
As a Noble:
Skill Proficiency: History and Persuasion
Equipment: Signet ring, fine clothes, a scroll of pedigree, and a purse containing 25gp.
Feature: Position of Privilege- “Thanks to your noble birth, people are inclined to think the best of you. You are welcome in high society, and people assume you have the right to be wherever you are. The common folk make every effort to accommodate you and avoid your displeasure, and other people of high birth treat you as a member of the same social sphere. You can secure an audience with a local noble if you need to.”
Personality Trait: “Despite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk.”
Ideal: Noble Obligation- “It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.”
Bond: “The common folk must see me as a hero of the people.”
Flaw: “I too often hear veiled insults and threats in every word addressed to me.”
As a Cleric:
Flavor Text: Tireless sentinels whose eyes pierce every shadow and see through every deception. Clerics of a god of light are enlightened souls infused with radiance and the power of their gods' discerning vision, charged with chasing away lies and burning away darkness.
Focuses and Feat to use: Diplomacy, Inspiring Leader, Historian

Kerrigan Family

Kerrigan Family Member Family Role Kennedy Family Member Notable Things and Status-Kennedy Kerrigan Base Personality Traits
Claude Percival Kerrigan Father Joseph Patrick Kennedy Ambassador to Britain during the Second World war. Suffered a stroke. Former ambassador to the Kingdom of Roldem. Stern father type that is hard to impress. Lecherous, and underhanded. Not opposed to bribery for political gain.
Primrose Evaine Kerrigan Mother Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Died of pneumonia at 104 Reserved, yet loving to her children. Seen, not heard.
Claude Percival Kerrigan II First born (eldest son) Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr KIA In a Navy covert bombing mission (1944) Deceased. Died while dealing the finishing blow to a red dragon that was threatening a nearby village. Honorable and kind. Strongest of the family in physicality. A literal Himbo.
Jace Forsythe Kerrigan Second born John ‘Jack’ Fitzgerald Kennedy Presidential Assassination in Dallas (1963) Rumored to have been murdered at the hands of a strong spellcaster. Not dead. Pressured by his father to be more like his elder brother. He is more intelligent and wiser, but not as strong as the eldest. He always strives to help people in need and follows the code of honor. Although he does like the ladies…
Primrose ‘Prim’ Kerrigan Third born (eldest daughter) Rose Marie ‘Rosemary’ Kennedy Botched prefrontal lobotomy (1941) Survived and died of old age. Victim of a curse, she was encased in crystal to prevent it’s spread and is now hidden away from the public in the manor’s deepest chamber, awaiting an impossible cure. Her parents pretend she doesn’t exist after the curse. She is left in the care of her sisters, and is visited often by her brothers when they stop by the manor.
Isolde ‘Izzie’ Kerrigan Fourth born Kathleen ‘Kick’ Agnes Kennedy Plane Crash (1948) Deceased. Her and her husband, a local noble, were slain by bandits while on a journey to a neighboring kingdom. As a skilled sword fighter, she put up a good fight, but was bested in the end.
Enide Kerrigan Fifth born Eunice Mary Kennedy Founded many aid programs, and the Special Olympics. Died of old age. On the village council. Practices healing magic with tomes in her spare time. Loving and caring. A person that cares for the people of lesser castes and for those afflicted like Prim.
Prydwen Kerrigan Sixth born Patricia Kennedy Produced shows for television. Died of old age. A noble socialite type. She has a crush on a bard from the inn a town over. She visits him in secret. Adventurous, lover of the arts, smart but not scholarly. Charismatic.
Ryland 'Ry' Flint Kerrigan Seventh born Robert ‘Bobby’ Francis Kennedy Assassinated during his campaign for Democratic Presidential Candidate (1968) He trained with Jace after he was healed of his sickness. He was the most patient with his brother as he was trying to gain strength and catch up. It is this time that he decides to become a knight. Took time away from his studies as a diplomatic emissary/knight to find his brother, Jace. He doesn’t believe that Jace dead. Smartest of the siblings, kind, patient, believes in justice and honor. Though not as strong as Claude II, or as charismatic as Jace, he makes a wonderful knight. Closest to Jace, despite the age gap.
Igraine Faye Kerrigan Eighth born (Youngest daughter) Jean Ann Kennedy Successful foreign diplomat. Died of old age. Away at school in Sarth, wants to be a scribe. Intelligent and kind, like Ryland. Charismatic, good with written words and speech.
Beauregard ‘Beau’ Kerrigan Ninth born (Youngest son) Edward ‘Ted’ Moore Kennedy Chappaquiddick Incident (1969). Survived and died of brain cancer. Notably a terrible knight. His siblings genuinely don’t know how he made it to that rank. A "carpet knight". Kid sibling energy as he is the baby of the family. Strong physically, but not very skilled at any single trade. He can’t handle animals.