Items of Quality

Items of Quality are superior crafted items (they would be called "Masterpiece" items in 3E). They can be +1 (10x cost) or +2 (20x cost). Quality armor has a higher Armor Class, Quality weapons add their bonus to hit and damage, quality tools and instruments add their bonus to their user's skill rolls. In addition, items may have additional assets. Each additional asset adds 10x to the cost.

Balanced- Melee weapons, +1 to Initiative when using.
Deadly- Weapons, scores a critical hit (max damage) on a natural 19 or 20. For ranged weapons, this must be applied to the ammunition.
Light- Item weighs 10% less. At GM's discretion, this may lower a suit of armor down a class (ie, heavy to medium, medium to light).
Fortified armor- This armor has a 10% chance to block a critical hit or sneak attack (roll normal damage).
Intimidating- This armor or weapon (when drawn) adds +2 to Intimidation rolls.