It Began in a Tavern

Brittany- Human Female Druid Raidne Seraphi
Jack- Dwarven Storm Cleric Giovane Alba
Chmiel- Elf Female Wizard- Anna Platano
Human Bard- Nick started, then he had to leave and Ed took over
Human War Cleric- Sam started, then she had to leave and Kara took over

Raidne, Giovane and Anna are travelling north on the Opal-Verella trade road and have stopped for night in the town of Steewold at the Wanton Kobold inn. While they are eating, another traveler staggers in carrying a gravely wounded soldier in a minor noble's livery. The traveler says he found a carriage overturned in a ditch with dead bodies and signs of a struggle and found this barely alive survivor. Giovane heals the soldier and he explains he was guarding Lord Rainon's daughter lady Elior. Her carriage was attacked by a dozen orcs and she was taken, he begs them to help. The party questions the two and heads out for the scene of the attack. They find the site of the attack and examine the bodies of the dead. They notice that the wounds seem to be made by good, sharp weapons, not the poor weapons of orcs, and any arrows have been pulled from the bodies. Searching the area, they find tracks made by the primitive footwear of orcs and a small set of boot prints. They also find an arrow in a tree, it looks like good a good, human made arrow, not an orc's. It could be from Liartian slavers… The party uses a Light spell and follows the tracks to a nearby stream, but no tracks emerge on the other side. Did they go north or south?
While they are trying to decide, another pair of adventurers, a bard and cleric, approach them. They say they were sent by Lord Rainon to see why his daughter was delayed. While they talk, two ghouls attack from the darkness, drawn by the small of the dead bodies. The two groups kill the ghouls and decide to team up. Raidne uses Speak with Animals and finds a bat that remembers a group of men carrying a female downstream. The party realizes the kidnappers aretrying to cover their tracks by making it look like orcs. The follow downstream and spot an area where their quarry climbed the river bank. They find discarded orc footwear and the tracks of horses headed off to the southeast. The party follows, but is ambushed by a pair of giant wolf spiders. Weakened by the battle with the ghouls and now the spiders, the party makes camp to rest. They rise early in the morning and follow the trail to a ruined keep. Sneaking through a breach in the wall,they see two human fighters readying horses. Anna uses Mage Hand to pull on a horse's reins and lead it outside so the fighters follow it and the party ambushes and kills them. Anna uses Disguise Self and goes inside and finds four more fighters getting ready. She pretends to be one of the dead men and asks the four to come help because the horses are being stolen. The party ambushes and kills them and Anna investigates further, but encounters a Liartian priest and his evil wizard paramour. More fighting, Anna is knocked out but they manage to defeat the enemy. Looking around, they find all the bad guy's bedrolls, but there are three more beds than dead villains and they still haven't found Lady Elior. The bard uses Disguise Self to look like the Liartian priest and goes into the ruin's basement and finds two more fighters and a rogue guarding Lady Elior. The bard sends the fighters upstairs to help ready the horses, then sends the rogue as well. The rest of the party ambushes the last fighters, then the rogue as well. They gather all their loot and horses and return Lady Elior to her father. Lord Rainon rewards them and says since they have done so well, he has a little problem with some real orcs maybe they could help him with…

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Chmiel was in a terrible punning mood, as per usual. I didn't bother writing any of his nonsense down. If I had been giving out chips, I would have taken them back.

Jack's dwarf slides down the ravine so gracefully, he looked like he was skiing
Jack "Have you ever seen a dwarf ski?
Chmiel "Is he Polish?"

Realizing the "orc kidnappers" are actually humans
Chmiel "They're trying to start a war"
Brittany "It's like The Princess Bride!"
Jim <pompous noble voice> "Clearly, this was done by agents of Guilder!"