Island Invasion


Travel Plans
Raaha's genie patron wants her to go to the island nation of Queg to steal an item and Zinnius reveals that he also wants to go to Queg. Zinnius' tribe was kidnapped and sold into slavery and he believes his daughter is still alive and there may be other Kenku there as well. But how to get to Queg? After a lengthy discussion of alternatives, they decide to approach the Thieves' Guild in LaMut who owe them a favor to get forged papers. But they also need to get onto the island. They decide to buy two Teleport scrolls, which they will hopefully find from a wizard in LaMut. But they are low on cash. However, they have the unknown wand they took from the demon worshippers. They will try to sell that. The party rides to LaMut and contacts the church of Lims-Kragma there. The priest remembers them from their previous visit in Adolphus' employ and agrees to contact the Thieves' Guild for them. While the thieves are forging the documents, they find a wizard to make the scrolls and sell him the wand in exchange for two scrolls and some gold. They pay the thieves with the wizard's gold and have some left over. They buy clothes to blend in on Queg and store their items in Raaha's genie ring. Since Zinnius is the only one to have been to Queg, he reads the first scroll and they teleport to the western side of Queg near the plantation Zinnius worked on as a slave. They walk into town and find a coach service and hire a ride to the capital city Queg on the east coast. Jace is diguised as a Kingdom diplomat, Gala is his wife and Raaha is her maidservant. Flynn is the diplomat's bodyguard and Zinnius is their servant. It is a three day ride that passes slowly but uneventfully until they reach the city of Queg. A patrol stops them and the sergeant suspects Jace's papers are not correct. He questions Jace, but Jace has a full story prepped with Zinnius' help and is so persuasive that the sergeant passes them. When they arrive at the coach service's stable, the stable master asks them who is meeting them. Gala casts an illusion of a nobleman's servant approaching to guide them to his master's estate and they slip away.

Robbery in the Rain
The party finds rooms in an inn near the port where foreign sailors are common. They change clothes to blend in, then head off to the nobleman's quarter. Along the way, Gala is spotted by some slave traders who start to follow them. Zinnius casts Pass without a Trace and they get away in the crowd. They arrive at the mansion and examine it, noting the windows on the second floor which are over the roof of the wall enclosing the back garden. They wonder if the nobleman, a wealthy merchant named Vasarius, goes out and they would be able to break in while he is gone. Raaha asks her genie patron for help and he agrees, but there will be a cost; the recovery of an extra item. The party heads back to their inn, but a group of town guards pick Flynn out of the crowd and head their way. Raaha turns Flynn, Gala, and Jace Invisible and she and Zinnius lead them away through the crowd. Late in the evening the genie tells Raaha that Vasarius will be leaving the mansion in a few days to attend a party, they decide they don't want to wait two days and will go in tonight. Gala and Raaha prepare Raaha's Ring of Spell Storing with a Cure Wounds and Stone Shape. The party returns in the night, the moon is almost full, but there are passing rainstorms. Gala and Zinnius lead the way across town, watching for patrols. Raaha flies up to the roof and drops a rope so the rest can climb down. But Flynn makes some noise on the tile and a guard on patrol in the garden starts to walk their way. Raaha again turns most of the party Invisible, she and Flynn hide in the shadows. With the rain in in his face, the guard shrugs it off. Raaha spies through the windows and sees one guard and finds some empty guest rooms. They break in through a window and Gala uses a cantrip to dry everyone. Jace casts Silence and they move downstairs and across the building to where Raaha can sense the item. Zinnius opens a door and finds the central courtyard, but there is a guard right there! He quickly shuts the door. Gala points to Jace's Stunning Mace and gestures for him to take out the guard. Jace eases open the door and smacks the guard from behind and he is stunned. They tie and gag him and move to the large double doors that lead from the courtyard to Vasarius' office. Raaha tries to pick the lock, but a lightning Glyph of Warding appears and blasts the party. The Silence spell muffles the noise, but the upstairs hallway guard sees them through a window and runs for help. Flynn smashes open the door with his axe and they rush inside. The item seems to be in a wall and they search it, Flynn finds a secret door switch and a compartment opens, showing a stone safe. Raaha melts it open with Stone Shape and takes the dream lantern, a small jewelry box and a coffer of coins. She disappears inside her ring, then returns. Since they are at an outside wall, Raaha uses her last spell to use Stone Shape again and make an opening. As they run through, Gala lags behind and casts Major Image, making an illusion that the wall is intact. They run off into the night and return to their inn.

Daughter Rescue
The next morning, the paerty dresses up again and heads across town to hire a coach back to Palenque. Everyone in the streets seems quite abuzz with discussion. The party makes it out of town and travels back across the island, suffering little more than some rain. Once in Palenque, the adventurers sneak out of town with Zinnius leading the way to Lysander's country estate. Along the way, he tells the party what details he can remember. Lysander is not currently married, she lives on her family's country plantation while managers handle her business interests in town. There is a main manor house, a slaves' barracks, stables, crafters' building and a large barn for storing harvests. Zinnius knows the estate is guarded at night by some kind of bipedal, fighting lizard imported from southern Kesh. The guards are trained to control them and at night the lizards roam free and any slaves that attempt to escape are eaten.
They watch the plantation as night falls from a nearby wooded hill and decide to sneak into the manor house, kidnap Lysander and get her away so they can interrogate her. Zinnius covers the party with Pass without a Trace and Raaha uses Mage Hand to unlock the side dorr from inside. They sneak in and go upstairs and end up going right to her room. Jace casts Silence and they move inside to find Lysander asleep with her current sex slave. Jace knocks him out with his Mace and ties him up. Lysander wakes up and Flynn punches her out. Gala picks her up and struggles to carry her to the edge of the Silence spell and casts Dimension Door to escape. The rest of the party loots the room, taking Lysander's jewelry box and sneaks back outside, locking the door behind them. They sneak out and way, having a close call with some raptors, but they return to camp. Raaha and Gala take turns asking Lysander questions. Lysander says that al-Beshara was a rival of hers who owed her money. He tried to pay off the debt by capturing the kenku tribe to trade to Lysander as slaves. But she did not accept their value as equal to the debt and continued to harass al-Beshara for the rest of the debt, until he sent Zinnius to try to kill her. Zinnius' daughter is probably still alive, in the crafters' building but Zinnius' wife probably passed away a few years back. There are a total of six surviving kenku slaves, including Sasha.
Now the party has a dilemma, the Teleport scroll will only take eight people. Even if Raaha enters her genie vessel and someone else carries it, that's four adventurers and only four kenku. They try to figure out an alternative, but decide they have to give the scroll to the Kenku and the adventurers will escape on their own by other means. They debate sending Zinnius with them, but that would mean weeks of separation while the party tries to catch up. First they will rescue Sasha; they sneak up to crafters' building and Gala uses a spell to look like a guard and knocks on the door. One of the guards in the building opens the door half asleep and agrees to send out Sasha. But some velociraptors head toward them and Gala Dimension Doors away with Sasha and Zinnius casts Fog Cloud to confuse the raptors while they escape. They meet at their camp again and plan the rescue of the rest of the slaves. Sasha is able to provide them detailed descriptions of the inside of the slave barracks and tells her father her mother died of a plague. Once again they sneak in while Gala casts an illusion to distract the raptors. Raaha flies up and in through a window and drops a rope. Zinnius climbs up and awakes the kenku and gets them outside. He gives one of them the scroll and explains how it works. But the party has been spotted by two raptors who start hissing and attracting the others. Zinnius hugs Sasha goodbye and the kenku use the scroll and teleport away as eight raptors charge the party…

The party attacks the raptors. Gala hits a trio with Shatter, then Flynn charges them. The raptors knock him down and tear him apart and Flynn throws his Dire wolf for aid. Raaha hits a raptor with two Eldritch Blasts, hitting it so hard its legs fly out from under it and it flips into backward somersault. It lies on its back, mewling in pain before it struggles to its feet again. Jace meets a raptor and duels it one and one, stabbing with [[dirge 5e|Dirge]]] and slamming it with his shield. Zinnius shoots a charging raptor, then draws his sword as another leaps on him. He finishes it and goes back to shooting arrows. Flynn and his wolf wipe out their enemies and Raaha and Gala finish a few more. The front door to the main house opens and three guards come out with shields and swords. Gala casts Wall of Fire around them. Two guardsmen die trying to break through the ring, the leader escapes back into the house. Windows open on the house and guards aim crossbows at the party. Gala considers casting Fireball into a window, but worries about harming innocents in the house. She hesitates too long and the guards loose a volley of crossbow bolts. Gala casts an illusion of a wall of dirt rising up to block their view. Three more guards come out of the crafter's house and open fire as well. Zinnius blocks them with a Fog Cloud spell and the party runs into the night. Some of the party are seriously wounded and Jace shouts out a Mass Healing Word to keep them on their feet.
Away from the Lysander plantation, the party makes camp for the night, sleeping late in the morning. They then travel to Palanque and make it through without a problem. They head to the docks to try to find passage off and witness and altercation. A group of city guards are supervising a team of dockworkers who are taking cargo off a ship while the captain protests the confiscation. When he continues to protest, the leader of the guards threatens to seize the ship and sell the captain as a galley slave. Two of his crew pull the captain back from the confrontation. Gala puts forth a plan. She casts an illusion to look like a high ranking Quegan officer and Flynn comes along to pretend to be the cargo's rightful recipient. Raaha vanishes into her genie ring and Gala puts it on. Jace prepares to cast Command to force the guard leader to obey and Zinnius backs him up. Gala advances to block the guards and Jace casts the spell, but the leader resists and accuses Gala of being an imposter and they draw swords. Gala casts Shatter in the midst of the guards and Raaha appears. She kills a guard with Eldritch Blast, one attacks Gala and Flynn kills the three remaining guards in three strokes, cutting one in half. The townspeople in sight scream and flee, the captain and his crew retreat aboard, thinking the adventurers are some kind of hijackers. When they try to talk to the captain, he tells them to move off. Flynn tries to intimidate the captain and the crew responds with a volley of crossbow bolts. With more guardsmen approaching, the party flees.
Raaha finds an inn for the night and the next day they return to the docks, looking for foreign vessels. They find a ship with a Keshian flag, the Crying Moon, and Jace casts Enhance Attribute to improve his persuasion skills. The captain, Ferdous Bayat, is willing to take them on, but is concerned their papers are incorrect. Jace bribes him with an extra 500 gold and the captain's hesitation disappears. He says they sail on the morning tide day after tomorrow, but maybe they should come aboard now… The party boards the ship and spends the day hiding in their cabins. The ship's first officer comes to see them after dinner and says it's safe for them to come above deck, but it's raining. They can use the captain's dining cabin if they want. In the morning, they set sail. They have a relatively easy crossing, but the party realizes they never asked where the ship is headed. The captain tells them they are headed to LiMeth, which is the home of Zinnius' arch enemy Baasim al-Beshara. Raaha's genie patron speaks to her and is pleased they are off of Queg and headed for Kesh, his next mission for them takes them deep into the Trollhome Mountains to recover an item from a green dragon's hoard. As the ship approaches port, they raise a blue and white flag and the ship's emblem is a crying crescent moon, like the colored ribbon on Zinnius' mystery letter. Zinnius asks the captain about the flag and he says it is the colors of the noble house they serve, beni-Qamar, which means "family of the Moon".

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing how to get onto Queg, Jim says he came up with seven ways, but so far the party has only come up with six
Sam "Number seven is just knock"

The party will have forged papers with Gala as Jace's wife
Stacy "Now we just have to get married"
Jack "Take me to church"
Stacy "The honeymoon is in Queg"

Rolling for Zinnius to use the Teleport scroll
Stacy "You teleport a fly with you"

Talking about a cartoon sketch of a kenku as every different class
Jack "Is a rogue kenku a roku?"

The party is breaking in during a rain storm so everyone is wet
Brittany "The rain runs right off my feathers"
Jim "You're not a duck"
Jack "I'm going to fix that" Uses Prestidigitation cantrip to dry everyone
Brittany "I thought you were going to turn me into a duck"

The party comes to a heavy, locked door
Jack "Hey Flynn! Knock…"

Talking about the Draugmkelder
Stacy "Is it a rave light?
Brittany "It's like CBD, it makes you calm and sleep"
Jack "CBD stands for Circlet of Burning Dope"

The raptors are trained to accept commands
Jack "Sit, roll over, disembowel"

Discussing that yes, there have always been dinosaurs in D&D
Brittany <sings> "Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, riding on a dinosaur"

The party makes a mistake
Brittany "One of the classic blunders"

Discussing Jack's destructive tendencies and how his characters are hard on innocent bystanders
Jack "I just blew up the dock this time"
Brittany "Like last time"
Jack "Shut up"

Stacy is still trying to salvage a negotiation out of the dock debacle
Nick "I cut a guard in half, I think the time for diplomacy is over"