Island Artifact

Michael- Dwarf Thief, Xander
Andre- Human Fighter, Ali
Jake- Elf Ranger, Alan
Lee- Human Cleric of Tyr, Lothar
Callum- Human Fighter, Ancip
Chris- Elf Mage, Edres

The party is hired by a representative of a wealthy merchant to go to a remote island and find a magic artifact, a golden lute that plays itself and sings. They find out several teams have gone before and not come back or just a few survivors have made it. They sail to the island on one of the merchant's ships and are attacked by sahuagin along the way. They are dropped on the island and head to the building on the peak and are attacked by giant spiders. The only door on the building has a puzzle of 3 silver symbols; half circle, full circle, half circle facing the other way. They push the buttons in various combinations and get lightning bolted repeatedly. Finally, they notice a secret button that is made of the same stone as the door. They figure out that the symbols represent the phases of the moon. Since it is new moon, they press the last button and the door opens. Stairs inside descend through various rooms with puzzles and traps. The first room is scorched by fire and has doors on the walls and pressure plates in the floor, they have the elf jump across and then string rope over. The second room has a mermaid fountain of cold water. But its encircled by a pit trap and Lothar falls in. But he finds some treasure, including a sword. They pull him up and go to the third room. This room is split by a wall to wall, floor to ceiling wall of flame six feet deep. A lead sling bullet tossed through by the thief melts and splatters on the other side. Anything that goes in the fire burns, they can't find any way around. Finally the cleric drinks from the fountain. It is so cold it hurts him, but he feels cold all over and walks through the fire. They all drink and take extra waterskins through with them. The final room is a cavern, open to the sea. Across the water is a pedestal with the lute, on this side is a statue of a serpent head with an open mouth of sharp metal teeth. An ancient sign says "The serpent demands a sacrifice". The thief puts his hand inside and the mouth starts to close. When the teeth pierce his hand, he panics and pulls his hand out. The cleric tries and leaves his hand in as the teeth penetrate his skin and blood begins to run down the teeth. He keeps his hand in as the blades sink deeper, but once his blood is flowing, the mouth opens. The pool of water magically freezes over. As they cross the ice to grab the lute and treasure, they see a giant sea serpent with a mouth big enough to swallow a man whole swimming beneath the ice. They grab the lute and retreat. When they return, the merchant is so surprised that they succeeded that he pays them extra.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee's cleric, as the sahuagin attack the boat "Curse you back to the fishy depths from which you came!!"