The crew of the HMS Menace have returned to Parhoon with the captured Skyrunner, the Intikam. The Menace goes in for repairs. Captain Harper turns the Skyrunner over to British authorities, but Dashwood is given some time to study it and its German made batteries and electric motor. They begin to also investigate the materials from the ship; letters and documents. Father Lars translates the German papers, they are travel papers authorizing the ship's passage and also a large number of invoices from a company in Protonilus, Hochschmidt und Sonnen. The invoices record sales of food, ammunition, medical supplies, steel parts and chemicals. Supplies are sufficient for an outpost of more than a hundred men. Dashwood begins a new research project, trying to construct a device to use radio waves to detect other objects, such as ships.
Dr. Reddington begins an in depth study of the history of Chrysax. He learns that while the city was at a canal junction, it was a major manufacturing center. The area was known for its mines of precious metals and fine sands used for making high quality glass. He deduces those made the city a natural site for the construction of the heat ray used by the canal blasters.
Harper sends his manservant, Hobson off to find someone to translate the papers in Turkish. The papers are translated the next day. One is an order to captain Hakan Uzay of the Intikam to return to Acidalium no later than September 6, 1989, it is now the 3rd of September. Another is an unfinished letter from Uzay to his family on Earth. He tells them that when the Reborn Emperor is on the throne, they will be seated at his right hand and be rewarded with all they could want.
Juan Escobedo spends time in Parhoon, seeking a craftsman for a mysterious project.
Dashwood finishes his work on the "Dashwood Radiographic Range and Detection System". He builds a unit with a 10 mile range and installs it on the Menace. Dr. Reddington contacts a friend in the British Consulate about the fragment of map they recovered and is referred to the Royal Cartographer. Nigel speaks with them about the map fragment, they explain it is probably a volcano on the map and begin looking for where it might be.
A few days later, Captain Harper and Dr. Reddington return to the Royal Cartographer and find out the volcano on the burned map fragment is Acidalium Mons. Dashwood visits the Edison Society. Juan works on his secret project. On their separate ways back to the ship, they all realize they are being followed by martians. Dashwood goes into a tea shop, slips out the back and manages to lose his followers. Juan stops into a pub and waits. When his pursuer comes in and sits down, Juan buys everyone a couple rounds. After the second drink, he approaches his shadower and tries to speak to him, but the martian stabs him. Juan shoots him with his derringer and runs off. Juan returns to the ship for medical attention. Harper sends his marine escort off to circle around behind. They stop into a pub as well. After a wait they step out and are attacked by three martians. Both are wounded. Down the street, Mrs. Hestia Entwistle sees the disturbance. She sends her servant for help while she watches. When she spots a martian with a rifle aiming at the two gentlemen, she draws her pistol and warns them and fires two shots at the sniper, wounding him. Harper hears the shout, sees the direction she is shooting, and finishes the sniper off. The constables arrive and investigate, taking the surviving attackers into custody. Hestia, Nigel and Harper go into the pub to talk, Harper calls the ship for help.
The three talk over the attack while Hestia's servant patches Harper up. A taxi arrives with some more guards and Hobson, who has brought the captain a change of clothes. They all return to the ship to confer. Harper's marine is dead, he was killed by the attackers. Since Hestia is the wife of the famous John Entwistle, they take her into their confidence and explain the history of their investigation into the Turkish rogue, Ozan Babar. Hestia decides to accompany them on their mission.

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