Invasion Of Persephone

The Invasion of Persephone was the first ground battle of the war. Persephone was one of the most vocal opponents to enforced unification among the Border Worlds, and its location within the White Sun system made it a threat to the Core worlds. To prevent the world from becoming a forward base, the Alliance invaded Persephone on June 12th, 2505. Units were drawn from the various Alliance worlds and given specific, separate objectives to minimize confusion among units fighting together for the first time. Had there been any serious resistance, it probably would have been a defeat for the Alliance, but armed resistance had not formed yet, so the attack was a complete surprise. Persephone's capital building, major spaceports, skyplexes, and military base were stormed and occupied within a day. The premier formally surrendered the world and joined the Alliance on June 15th, 2505.