Introduction and Disclaimer

For the next campaign, I will be using a modified version of the Birthright campaign setting. There is an excellent website,, about the setting, but I am not using the whole setting and some of their information is fan based, so I'm going to link to some things and carry over other, general material.

Almost all of the material in this section is from and I assume, from the original published Birthright Campaign Setting. My biggest changes will be in the geography sections.

Players' Background introduction
The continent of Cerilia was originally populated by Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Goblins and Orogs. There is also a parallel plane, called the Shadow World, which is a spirit or faerie realm that exists alongside the mortal world. Elves and Halflings are originally from the Shadow World,and it is here that your spirit goes when you die and where the gods have their heavenly realms. Arabic humans from Dajapar settled on the south east part of the continent and some humans came across from Aduria and settled the south west. The Adurian humans were more expansionist and came into conflict with the elves as they tried to clear forests for logging and farming. The elves fought back, some with a bitter hatred that verged on genocide.
In Andur, the followers of the dark god Azrai were conquering the continent and more humans from different nations fled to Cerilia, eventually settling most of the continent. The elves held some of their forests and the dwarves held their mountains. The halflings blended into human society.

Then came the War of the Gods. Azrai's followers rose up in a united army to conquer the continent of Aduria. They drove north, conquering the human realms and sending more refugees across to Cerilia. Azrai fooled the elves into joining his forces, but most of them switched sides when they realized the dark god's true nature. Some elves became devoted followers and continued their war against humans. Finally, the other gods and their followers met Azrai and his troops in a gigantic battle. The gods sacrificed themselves to destroy Azrai and his army and the resulting release of power destroyed the isthmus connecting the two continents. However, the gods were not completely destroyed. Their godhood or energy flowed out into the world and beings which absorbed some of that power developed supernatural powers. The greatest champions of the old gods, because of their physical proximity and spiritual devotion, absorbed enough of the old gods' powers that they became gods themselves and formed the new pantheon of human gods. Humans who received less developed powers discovered that the power was passed on to their children. These powers are called a Bloodline and people with it are referred to as being blooded and are called scions. These powers allowed them to compete with normal humans more effectively and today almost all ruling families in Cerilia are blooded. The blood abilities can be passed to others if the scion is killed, even non-blooded beings can become blooded if they kill a scion.
Some scions received Azrai's bloodline and they are the most frightening creatures on Aeybrinis. Azrai's evil bloodline can corrupt and twist its bearers, making them into inhuman monsters. These beings are known as awnshegh (plural awnsheghlien), pronounced ORN-shay from elven for "blood of darkness". Some awnshegh hunt other scions for the purpose of killing them and absorbing their bloodline powers, this is known as bloodtheft. Beings who received non-evil bloodlines are called ershegh, (pronounced air-SHAY) which means "blood of light".

With the land bridge to Aduria and most of the dark god's forces destroyed, humans turned to fully settling Cerilia. The refugees in the south west formed a new empire, the Anuirean Empire, and conquered all of what is now referred to as Anuire, as well as most of eastern Khinasi and southern Rjurik. But the last true emperor, Michael Roele, was killed in battle with the Gorgon, a powerful awnshegh who rules the area known as the Gorgon's Grown. With no clear heir (it was the death of the empress and heir in childbirth by sorcery that led Roele to attack the Gorgon), the empire collapsed into civil war between rival successor states.

Players Choices
Most of the normal classes are available without serious change. The main races are humans, elves, dwarves and halflings. There are some other races from the Shadow World, like gnomes, that are available.
Humans are further split into five choices based on their home area:
Anuire- similar to Anglo-Saxon period English.
Rjurik- a mix of celtic tribes and norse vikings.
Khinasi- highly cultured and advanced arabian people.
Vos- slavic barbarians.
Brech- dutch/germanic traders, merchants and sailors.