Intro to Character Generation

The Expanse RPG uses nine stats:
Accuracy- ranged attacks with projectile and thrown weapons
Communication- social skills
Constitution- overall health and resistance
Dexterity- agility and reaction time
Fighting- close combat, melee weapons and unarmed
Intelligence- reasoning, memory, knowledge
Perception- alertness and notice things
Strength- physical strength and athleticism
Willpower- Self discipline and confidence
Stats are rated from -3 to +3, your stat is the bonus to your roll (So instead of saying "I have an 18 Strength, that gives me +2", they just say "I have a +2 Strength"). The example starting characters have 13-15 points worth of stats, but there may be sliding cost table.

Each stat has a list of different Focus choices, looks like you get three total to start. Focus choices are things like Pistol (Accuracy), Medicine (Intelligence), Searching (Perception), Leadership (Communication). A Focus gives you a bonus to your roll.

Each character also has a Drive, which describes the character with an Advantage/Disadvantage pairing. For example, the Rebel drive is innovative and good at thinking outside the box, but has a dislike for authority and conformity. The Achiever is driven to meet their goals and succeed, but places their goals above others' concerns.

There are also Talents, again each character seems to get three. These have levels and presumably give higher bonuses as you increase in level. Sample Talents are Carousing, Improvisation, Maker (building devices), Contacts, Inspire, Intrigue, Grappling Style (unarmed combat), Striking Style (unarmed combat), Knowledge, Medic, Expert (varies), Hacking, Misdirection, Pilot, Pistol Style, Fringer (personal history is obscure).

Fortune points are your luck points, they're used mainly to soak damage. You also have an Income rating, which is used as a bonus to a roll to see if you can afford to buy something (so money is abstract).

Each character has a Relationship, which seems to be their team identity. It has a rating and can give you points to do special maneuvers called Stunts.