Into the Gap

(GM's note: Based on the Megatraveller adventure "Into the Gap" by Greg Videll from Challenge magazine)

Captain Nivix, Jedi Knights Fom, Talik and Bruin and Investigator Y'ggdrasil are summoned to a conference with Commodore Tane and some Fleet engineering and Intelligence officers. Some pirate vessels associated with Hela Dellaeon's fleet have been operating near the Hepa system and the plan is to set a trap. The team's corvette will be fitted with a decoy shell so it can pass as a freighter. At the conference, the team suggests that the visible airlock be rebuilt as a trap to hold a pirate boarding party before the shell is discarded. The engineers debate and agree. The team boards the corvette and jumps to rendezvous with a fleet repair ship that fits the barge shell onto the corvette. But, on their first jump, the ship's hyperdrive overloads and drops them out of hyperspace suddenly. The crew is banged around slightly, but a few repairs and trips to the sickbay later, they are under way again. They arrive in the Hepa system, whose main inhabited world is a large moon orbiting a gas giant. They land and unload a fake cargo, wearing fake merchanter uniforms. Bruin goes into a bar and complains about carrying a valuable cargo without better security. They eventually lift off and make a slow trip towards their hyperspace jump. Lieutenant Go detects a pirate approaching them and Alana plays the merchant captain and warns them off. They close in and fire a warning shot… into the fake barge hull. Alana surrenders and the pirate docks with them. Once the boarding party is in the trap corridor, Alana ejects the barge skin and flies out. They exchange fire with the pirates and Talik uses Battle Meditation to hone the crew's skills while Bruin tries to do the same to hamper the pirates. Fom uses Telekinesis to move part of the barge shell in the pirate ship's way. They disable the pirate ship and come along side to board. Spots hands out grenades and blaster rifles to anyone who needs them. Engineer Lysa Pavond spacewalks across to secure a cable and Talik, Fom, Bruin and Alana cross to seize the ship. They fight their way in and capture the remaining pirate crew. Bruin slices their computers and learns the ship is working with a larger freighter that collects their loot. They call the local system police to pick up the pirates and their loot. The crew takes the pirate ship back to Herdessa Base for repairs so they can try to use it as a Trojan Horse.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Kimi makes custom dice bags and other items and is working up to leather bags, Lee is going to get one
Kimi "You're funding my endeavors into leather"

Talik's arm was amputated last adventure and she has a prosthetic, but there was a discussion of having it regenerated
Lee "You've got a Deadpool arm!"

The fake freighter shell is fitted to the corvette
Lee "This feels like a condom"
Kimi "It is meant to capture seamen"

Talik has a good working relationship with the ship's engineer and Kimi is talking about having her along, but Kevin doesn't recognize the NPC's name
Kevin "This is a real person that we can see too?"

Discussing repairing the captured pirate ship and using it as a Trojan Horse
Kevin "We're going to paint it like a giant wooden badger"