Into The Forgotten Realms

The classic "Into the Forgotten Realms" adventure by Ed Greenwood, which was a tournament module, published in Dragon magazine #95. Slightly modified.

Michael- Human Tyr Cleric Gyles
Valencia- Half-Elf Thief Clancy
Jake- Elf Ranger Alan
Andrew- Human Paladin Sir Hugo "The Meathammer"
Chris- Human Mage Altier

Travelling south, the party comes to the village of Woodale. Once the towns folk realize Sir Hugo is a paladin and Gyles a cleric, they come swarming out, begging for help. A group of trolls have been terrorizing the outlying farms, killing and eating livestock and farmers alike. The party agrees to help and they get directions to the last attack. Alan is easily able to track the trolls, back to their lair. But the lair is a set of old ruins with a deep dungeon underground. It appears to be the ruins of an old wizard school, the locked door to the complex asks questions about magical law and theory that Altier is able to answer and enter the school. They fight monsters that have moved in and find remains of previous adventurers, slain with magic or claw like hands that cause cold damage. Finally, they find the former headmaster, who is now a lich! But he is insane and thinks the adventurers are pupils and orders them to get back to their studies and leave him to his research. The party pulls back to debate trying to fight him. The lich is evil yes, but apparently has spent three centuries living in the ruins of the school and doing no harm. Maybe they should just leave him be.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Looking at her equipment list and misreading Ring of Protection
Valencia "I thought it said Ring of Prostitution…"

The townspeople are suffering from attacks by trolls, three townsfolk have been eaten
Andrew "How many times have I told you, don't feed trolls"

Alan has a Wand of Shelter, it casts the Leomund's Secure Shelter spell
Andrew "It's like Motel 6 on a stick"

Gyles casts the Wolfjaw spell that turns his left hand into a wolf head that can bite opponents
Michael "If my Wolfjaw drank water, I would get water on the elbow"

Discussing troll dietary habits
Jake "Can trolls get constipated?"

Looking at the wizard school's material components storeroom
Michael "These are for them spellcasters"
Jim "I didn't realize your cleric was Southern"

On the way out of the dungeon, Clancy again runs across the magical walkway. This time Valencia fails the roll and Clancy falls 60 feet, breaks her leg and is almost eaten by a Carrion Crawler
Everyone "WORST. THIEF. EVER!"