In The Money

(Inspired by the 2300AD adventure "In the Cards" from Challenge magazine)

The players' ship picks up a load of cargo and a group of passengers. Partway through their trip, they wake up to the sound of the Osprey's shuttle launching. Checking the bridge, they find the ship's controls have been hacked, the ship is way off course and the drive is offline. One of the passengers, a woman, is dead and her baggage is gone. Another male passenger is missing and there's hacking gear connected to the terminal in his room.
They repair the ship and try to follow the shuttle to the nearest moon, then track the murderer cross country and end up having a shoot out in a brothel.
The killer was a tong enforcer, the murdered woman was a tong counterfeiter who skipped out with her last load of currency.

Konrad- Blackjack Pilot
Hector- Gambler/Duellist