Reaver Improvised Weapons

The Six Shooters and Spaceships book gives a few examples of reaver improvised weapons, but just a few. With multiple adventures dealing with reavers, I needed to come up with a list of weapons. Some examples are:
Acid sprayer
Poison sprayer (think super soaker loaded with sleep poison)
Shotgun spike gun (a double barreled shotgun firing 8 inch spikes, like Blade's vampire spike gun from the first movie)
Automatic nailgun (an electric motor driven device firing 16 penny nails)
Flame axe (a battleaxe style weapon, but the blade is heated by propane gas jets)
Saw Axe (another battleaxe type, but with a circular saw for a blade)
Barbed wire net gun
Harpoon gun with poisoned spears
Crossbow with poisoned bolts
Taser grenade (a bowling ball sized device that spins rapidly, striking people near it with electrified wires that act like a taser)
Razor disc gun (similar to the nailgun, but instead fires sharpened metal discs)
Claw gloves