Important Dates

These are not yet in final order, dates will be provided.

January 12th , 2505 Alliance Proposal of Unification
February 20th, 2505 Independent Worlds' Declaration of Opposition
May 9th, 2505 Defection of the Glory
June 12th, 2505 War begins- Alliance invades Persephone
July 9th, 2505 First Space action- Battle of Qin Shi Huang
September 1st, 2505 Alliance begins conscription
May 1st, 2506 to February 2510 Battles for Aphrodite
January 3rd, 2510 Alliance 1188th Support group destroyed by Browncoats on Aphrodite (Aces & Eights)
April 18th, 2510 Bombing of Aphrodite
May, 2510 Bombing of Shadow
June, 2510 Public outcry at excessive use of force by Alliance Fleet
May, 2511 First Alliance landings on Hera
May 11th, 2511 Beginning of the Battle of Serenity Valley
June 17th, 2511 Battle of Sturges
June 18th, 2511 Alliance High Command issues order to surrender Serenity Valley
July 1st, 2511 End of the Battle of Serenity Valley (2 weeks AFTER official surrender)
July 6th, 2511 Capture of the Glory (Admiral Sharpe and crew escape)
September, 2511 Armistice and Amnesty Hearings
October 16th, 2511 Unification Day, official end of the war
October 29th, 2518 The Miranda Broadwave