Imperial Order of Battle

Naval Forces
Imperial Forces are dispersed across the sector, but the primary base is the sector capital at Bacrana. Total ship strength is two hundred and forty, including three Star Destroyers, one hundred and fifty-seven other combat ships and eighty support vessels. This does not include fighter squadrons carried by warships or assigned to planetary bases. Due to the large number of uninhabited or barely settled worlds, approximately a quarter of the Imperial warships are on patrol at a time, trying to keep Rebel or criminal forces from setting up bases in the sector.
There is an Imperial Naval Shipyard under construction at Bacrana. It is only half completed, but is already providing repair facilities to Imperial forces in neighboring sectors. The Imperial fleet also maintains fleet staging and resupply bases at Bacrana, Rehn, Skone and Garia. Access to these systems is restricted and picket ships and surveillance systems maintain a watch for Rebel spyships. There are also smaller support bases across the sector to provide routine resupply to patrol vessels.
Imperial Fleet Organization

Ground Forces
The primary Imperial base is the garrison at Bacrana, which has over twelve hundred combat troops, almost two thousand support and administrative personnel and forty TIE fighters. Smaller garrisons are located on many worlds to keep the Imperial presence in everyone's mind and discourage rebellion and law breaking.

Named Vessels
Star Destroyer Devastation- Captain Gar Halcard (Damaged at First Battle of Genesia, destroyed during sneak attack at Bacrana)
Star Destroyer Impulsive- Captain Tarsi Vene
Star Destroyer Revenge- Captain Olin Corrik
Interdictor Confiner- Captain Vinon Arden (Destroyed at the Second Battle of Genesia)
Nebulon Frigate Obedient- Captain Maree Illes

GM's note: In the book, the Imperial fleet is ten times as large; twenty-four hundred ships and thirty (!) Star Destroyers. There's only sixty-seven inhabited systems, there would be an almost 50% chance of seeing a Star Destroyer in each system.