Iakin "Two Swords" Skilgannon

Iakin Skilgannon is a half-elven former soldier, he served his unit as a scout. His preferred weapons are a pair of short swords and a long bow. Indeed, he carried the short swords so much that his nickname was "Two Swords".

Appearance- Iakin has short, very dark hair with hints of blue in the sunlight and his skin has a ruddy tint. His eyes are dark and he has an unblinking, piercing stare. He is usually clean shaven and has a few tattoos on his arms. Iakin's manner is generally quiet and he looks down on those who have not proven themselves in battle. But once he has fought alongside someone who demonstrates their courage, that person is considered worthwhile ally.

Background- Iakin grew up near Silverymoon, raised mainly by his human mother, Lianne. His elven father, Kithdirion, was also a soldier in his youth and later commanded the guard detachments for a successful merchant guild out of Everlund. Iakin inherited his father's adventuring nature and served in the Argent Legion and fought against barbarians, goblinoids and the werefolk of the Moonwood.

Jim's note- Partially stolen from the character Olek Skilgannon, AKA "The Damned" from the Drenai books by David Gemmell