Hydra Island

Players and Characters
Lee- Human Cleric of Tyr, Lothar
Callum-Half-elf Ranger, Alar
Michael- Dwarven Thief, Xander
Chris- Elven mage, Edres
Ryan- Human Fighter, Warrick

Following the treasure map they found in the Vampire Citadel, the party comes to a port town. Xander goes to the local thieves and they recommend a smuggler. It turns out the treasure isn't a secret; adventurers turn up every few years looking for a ride to the island. Some return, most vanish. There are stories of "quick dragons" in the jungle and giant spiders and other monsters. The locals call it the "island of death". Lothar casts a Divination spell and Tyr tells him "Shield yourself from the fire that lives in the dark". Lothar learns the Resist Fire spell. They end up hiring the smuggler and going to the island, he drops them on the beach and then plans to anchor well offshore. When the ranger questions his courage the smuggler simply replies "This is the island of death, did you not catch that part?" The travel into the jungle and are attacked by a group of velociraptors and make camp. Alar's lean to collapses on them in the middle of the night and Edres memorizes Leomund's Secure Shelter and casts it for the rest of the night.
The second day brings them to a cave. Xander and Callum are turned Invisible and creep into the cave using their infravision. They smell dead meat and move towards the smell to investigate. They walk into a giant spider's web and are attacked by spiders. The rest of the party rushes in to save them. The cave descends into the earth and they find a large chamber. Across the chamber is an alcove with a small chest on a pedestal, in the center of the room is a large boulder. The boulder turns out to be a sleeping pyrohydra which awakens and attacks them with flame breath and vicious bites. The party surrounds the monster and fights and barely survives. They retrieve the chest, which has a Fire trap spell and opens it to find a medallion. Searching through the cave, they find the remains of many previous adventurers and a lot of magic items. But what is this medallion?

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Trying to decide if they want to trust the smuggler the local Thieves' Guild suggested or find another
Lee "So this adventure isn't about how we found a boat, let's take this one"

Lee "I don't cast in Common"
Callum "You cast in Norwegian"
Lee "I sound like the Swedish Chef"

Callum rolls a 100 for his ranger to make a lean-to using his 90% Survival skill
Lee "Worst. Ranger. Ever"

Callum is trying to figure out if he could make a trap
Lee "You can build a lean-to"
Jim "And have it collapse"

Lee "I'm all Tyr'd up"

Michael "I've been on fire for six rounds"
Callum "Its all the alcohol"

Jim "You open the chest and find a medallion. Oh, and a note from someone named Regulus Black"