Roy "Dirty" Hwang

Roy Hwang is a former police officer from Sihnon. He was falsely (but successfully) framed on charges of accepting bribes and other crimes and discharged. He left Sihnon and used his training and remaining contacts to do the only thing he knew how to do, catch criminals. But now he does it as a bounty hunter.

Han Yanlin- Yanlin is Roy's former partner, a chinese female cop. She knows Roy was framed, but has been unable to prove it so far. She helps Roy's work through her access to police records.

Malik Singleton is descended from the Inuit tribes. He is from Osiris and is an agent with Interpol, the Alliance's interplanetary law enforcement agency. He is currently stationed on Persephone. He worked with Roy many times in the past on Sihnon and also believes he is innocent.

Irwin Gordon- Despite his name, Irwin is a predominately asian former member of the Du Su Ya (Poison Tooth) triad. He was an informant and moved to Gonghe when Roy was framed.

(GM's note: The character was originally a player character for a delve and played by Mike. He was brought back in the Lost Sheep campaign adventure Hired Help where Mike played him as a guest character and again as an NPC in Bellerophon Bounty.