Hunting Trip

Short Summary- Wilks and Saxon remain behind on Boros to hunt The Butcher.


After Lang Ye hacks the old Alliance computer found in the supply cache (Second Deal) and discovers the old Alliance personnel records, Wilks decides to try to find the Butcher. He approaches Saxon for help and they stay behind on Boros when the Yellow Submarine departs to meet Admiral Sharpe (Parts is Parts).

Search and Surveillance

The two get a cheap hotel to use a stash for Wilks' guns and then Saxon gets a suite at a luxury hotel in the city of Longhaven. They first go to an old Browncoat bar and start talking about how much money they're willing to spend to find someone. They are approached by Nelson Cabot (NPC played by Kevin), a local taxi driver who was a skiff driver in the 17th Light Attack on Aphrodite during the war. They take Nelson into their confidence and explain that the Butcher is still alive.

Now that they have some assistance, they move forward with their plans. The team heads to an upper class Alliance bar. Nelson waits outside in his hover cab. Wilks and Saxon went inside to the bar and scoped the place out. Saxon started chatting up a girl so he could blend into the background while Wilks looked around for someone to provoke. He settled on a group of possible ex-Alliance personnel playing darts. Bulling through them, he pins a picture of The Butcher from his personnel files on the dartboard and announces that the Butcher is alive and he's going to kill him. The dart players confront him and one of them clocks Wilks in the middle of his speech. Wilks responds by kicking over their table, snatching up a beer stein and decking the leader with it. After intimidating the others, he storms out of the bar. Saxon lingers behind and sees a man come up and tear down the picture of The Butcher before leaving himself. Wilks and Nelson follow the man to his home and identify him as Chou Kessler. Saxon meets his girl from the bar back at the suiteā€¦

The next morning they follow Kessler to his office at a bank. Wilks is unsure of how to proceed so he contacts Lennon on the Yellow Submarine for advice. Lennon is in the middle of a game of Tall Card with the crew on their way out to Sturges and has little to offer Wilks at the time. So Wilks confronts Kessler with a powerful leafleting technique, attempting to get more information from him, but with no luck. Wilks is arrested for harassment, but fined and released. Saxon approaches Kessler, pretending to be some sort of authority, and questions Kessler about his military experience and time serving with The Butcher. Saxon once again spins a dazzling lie and Kessler says the only person who might know any truth about Major Yegevny being alive is Ivan Kan, the former Battalion Sergeant for the 3rd/12th Regiment. Kan served with Yegevny on Osiris and they transferred into Alliance service together. Kan is a security consultant.

Next Saxon goes to question Kan and gets nowhere. But, they follow Kan to an upscale estate outside of Longhaven. Lennon contacts Wilks from the Yellow Submarine with some names of Browncoat friendly contacts he knows on Boros that may be able to help them. Unfortunately, the multiband device Wilks is using to communicate with Lennon was disposable and set to disintegrate upon reaching its entire bandwidth allotment. Because of the great distance and number of relays required to talk planetside to ship, the device destroys itself before Lennon is finished talking.


They retrieve Wilks' weapons and infiltrate the estate at 2:30 in the morning. Saxon goes to the front door, while Nelson backs him up. Wilks watches from afar with his railgun. When the door opens, Saxon sees Kan, two more bodyguards and the man Wilks believes to be the Butcher. Saxon taunts them with his knowledge of the Butcher's secret identity and the mystery man orders Kan to kill Saxon and get rid of the body. Guns and swords are drawn. Wilks snipes Kan with his railgun. Saxon and Nelson finish the other two guards. The mystery man turns to run and Wilks clips him in the leg, knocking him down. Saxon pounces on him, but lets him live and then walks away. While all this is going on, Lennon has been texting Saxon's multiband, trying to find out what is going on. Wilks is struck with indecision, but decides to shoot and kills the mystery man. The team escapes into the night and pays off Nelson for his services.


The Yellow Submarine is not due back for a couple weeks, so Wilks and Saxon decide not to wait around on Boros and possibly get caught. Instead, they get a transport to Hera and Wilks visits Tao-Shu's grave. News breaks about a multiple murder on Boros, DNA testing shows one of the dead was The Butcher. Wilks and Saxon then decide to head to White Sun.