Hunting Necromancers


Yurten has decided to return to the the dwarven mountains and Jacques and his rescued sister are going their own way. Hiro is going to stay in town, but Giric decides to visit his home monastery while they are in the Free Cities. Aldur, Chunorris, Greywind and Rhiann accompany him. When they arrive at the village below the monastery, they find it empty and are attacked by wights. After destroying the wights, they are resting in the abandoned tavern when one of the monks finds them and recognizes Giric. He takes them back to the monastery and explains they have been attacked by undead under a necromancer several times. The surviving townspeople have taken shelter in the monastery. Giric meets with Master Jiao while Greywind helps the local cleric attend to wounded. Jiao admits to Giric the monastery has a hidden item which could be used by necromancers. The party decides to go on the offensive and attack the necromancer before he can strike again. Greywind Summons two centaurs and three mountain lions to help them and sends them ahead to scout. The party encounters and destroys two wight sentries, but the necromancer sends his next wave against them: three ghasts and five ogre zombies. It's a terrible pitched battle, the necromancer slays the mountain lions with a Lightning Bolt spell, the bard is wounded severely, but the necromancer is finally slain by a combination of Giric's open hands attacks, Chunorris' arrows and a Thorn Spray spell from Greywind. The remaining undead are defeated, but one of the centaurs is killed. Searching the necromancer, they find some magic items and his spell book and a pendant that Greywind recognizes as belonging to his old master, she took him in as a child and was later killed by a necromancer…

Quotes and Smart Remarks
JoAnne was talking about knowing what Jim was up to
JoAnne "I've only been married to him for 10 years"
Konrad "Really? You're married?"

JoAnne "See? I was right; there are undead"
Lee "I prefer the term 'living impaired'"

Lee "Are you a wight supremacist?"

Kevin, after Giric is wounded "I'm down to the same number of hit points as everyone else, that sucks"

Lee, searching the tavern "Did anyone leave any cryptic messages on a cocktail napkin?"
Kevin "Why did he write 'Aaaarrggghhh'?"
Jim "Perhaps he was dictating?"

Konrad "I would like at least the illusion of choice"
Kevin "No, sorry; we lost our illusionist"

Kevin "Do we have a beacon?"
Jim "It's grail shaped"
Lee "Naughty, naughty Zoot!"

Talking about Speak with Animals spell
Michael "Would big cats all use the same language?"
Lee "No, they're different dialects"

Konrad "I'm going to…"
Kevin "Sing your combat bonus song?"
Konrad "…run away"

Emily stopped in after work in time for the discussion of what to do with the dead necromancer's spell book
Emily "You can sell it on D&D-bay"