Hunting Liartians

Michael- Human Tyr Cleric Gyles
Chris- Human Mage Altier
Mike- Elf Fighter Negral
Valencia- Half Elf Thief Clancy
Lee- Human Bard Jables
Callum- Half-Elf Ranger KG

Following up on the name from the dead kidnapper's letter, the party comes to the town of Rye and begins looking for Liartians. After spending much time following false leads, they finally track down the location of the hidden temple. They attack and defeat the Liartian priests and their henchmen and rescue some of the locals from being tortured to death as sacrifices to Liart.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee "Evil is bad for tips"

Lee is making a percentile roll and gets a "100", which is a botch
Jim "Now you know how Emily feels"

The party fought some ghouls and they kept rolling poorly for damage
Lee "These ghouls are going to die the death of a thousand cuts"

Jim asked Valencia her character's name
Valencia "Clancy"
Lee "That doesn't sound evil"

Trying to hide out and pretend to be beggars to escape some guards
Mike "We should have pretended to be prostitutes"

Michael "I cast Command"
Jim "What do you say?"
Michael "Sit"
Lee <facepalm> "And roll over?"

Lee "We have three options: go back to the pub…"