Hudora Took

(Played by Stacy)

Hudora's real name is Mirabela, she comes from a wealthy halfling merchant family. Her parents were Dabo and Erin Took. She seemed to have some aptitude for magic, so her family sent her to a wizard school in Verella. But her parents died under somewhat mysterious circumstances before she could graduate and she was left with no money. The school regretfully expelled her and she was forced to make a living on the streets as a thief and beggar. But she had learned enough magic that she has bveen able to learn some spoells and turn them to her advantage.

Her family was paying for her to go to an expensive private wizard boarding school. But her parents were killed while she was away and then she was forced to drop out. She now uses her wits (and dexterity) to make a living.
Her family was of a very prominent halfling lineage, so there are many that may have targeted her family. And we don't know the assailant's motive either.
Was it money? Was it racial prejudice towards halflings at the school? They are not what you first imagine when a spellcaster is mentioned…

Hudora later learns her parents are alive and the school's headmaster embezzled her tuition money to get her expelled. Her parents faked their deaths and are living in the town of Helonshire in the Open Lands under the names of Narder and Marget Clayhanger.