Howard's Contacts

Howard’s Contacts
Paul Chang
Captain of the Exeter class transport, Shi Shung based on Liann Jiun. Formerly a pilot and then captain for Ariel Spaceways, he saved up enough money to get his own ship and crew. Asian male, mid 50’s, short grey hair.

Margaret Brown
Purser on the Golden Moon, a Tian Bao class transport for Ariel Spaceways. Howard calls her “Saki”, but neither of them will answer why…White female, brown hair, mid 30’s.

Commander Rich Harlan
Rich was an officer in the Ariel Orbital Patrol before Unification. He accepted transfer into the combined Alliance military and served during the war. He currently commands the detachment on Corone Station. White male, mid 30’s, blond hair.

Hu Robinson
Owner of the spacers’ bar, Rough Landing, in Lourdes on Bernadette. Hu knows the local shipping scene well and what ships might be looking for crew or spacehands looking for a berth. Asian/Caucasian male, big and stout, late 50’s.

Chaka Brin
A senior traffic controller at the Dahak Skyplex orbiting Osiris and another former Ariel Orbital Patrol officer. She also served in the Alliance, but got out as soon as possible. Black female, early 40’s.

Group Contacts
Reverend Black
Living on Deadwood, the reverend is the very model of a tough, weathered, frontier preacher. He dresses in a black duster and cowboy hat and carries a worn brown satchel on a strap over his shoulder.

Baron Von Alksburg is a major player in the Alliance Parliament. A native of Persephone, his family has a long and noble history. Von Alksburg opposed the War of Unification and is the leader of the Opposition in Parliament. His current efforts are focused on improving living conditions on the Rim, rationalizing military spending (and reducing corruption) and regaining suffrage rights for former Independents.