(Played by Mike)
Howard Horace Vaughn is a former copilot and weapons officer from Ariel. He served in the Ariel Orbital Patrol before the War of Unification and resigned rather than accept transfer into the unified Alliance military. He spent the war and most of the time since flying transports for Ariel Spaceways. He recently decided he wanted to see more of the 'Verse and hired on with FinXpress as a pilot. Unfortunately, FinXpress is a one man company run by Archibald Finx, who is one of 20% owners of the Yellow Submarine.

As of June 2518, Howard has saved up enough money buy out Finx's share of the Yellow Submarine. Finx will continue as the ship's trading consultant, but as an employee, not an owner.

Howard's Contacts

Howard Vaughn

Age:33 Description: Ex-military copilot/gunner
Homeworld: Ariel

Agility: d10
Strength d6
Vitality d8
Alertness d8
Intelligence d8
Willpower d10

Athletics d6
Covert d6
Mech. Engineering d6
Perception d6
Pilot d6
- Transports d12
- Astrogation d12
- Shuttle d8
Tech. Engineering d6
- Sensors d10
Guns d6
- Pistols d10
Heavy Weapons d6
- Ship's Guns d10
Melee Weapons d4
Unarmed Combat d6

Born in the Black (M)
Math Whiz (m)

Wisecracker (m)
Loyal (ship crew) (m)
Dull Sense (smell) (m)