House Cleaning and Gathering Storm

After rescuing Brannod Colnet from the drow, he wants the party to help capture his cousin vasil Volenta who betrayed him to the drow. He will return separately to the city in disguise, the party should come to his family's manor in two days. They return to town, and sell off they treasure they got from the drow and meet with Brannod and his uncle Eskan. Eskan pays the party their reward and also agrees to help them sell Harper's old magic sword. Eskan and Brannod comission the party to capture Vasil and get proof of his involvement. If they can take any of his associates alive as well, that would be best, but Vasil must be taken alive.
The party begins surveillance of Vasil. Giovane and Raidne go to the Volenta estate and Harper, Hudora, Anna and Pancho follow him to work at one of the Volenta House warehouses. He is escorted by two well armed bodyguards who appear to be serious fighters and well equipped. Hudora bumpos him in the crowd, pats him down and steals his purse. She simply tells the party he was armed, but had no drow money on him. Raidne shapeshifts into a spider to infiltrate the house and goes to Vasil's room; she finds street clothes for disguises to let someone pass in the poor quarter. At the end of the day, the party settles in for a long planning session (GM- roll the overplanning stock footage!). They decide to smoke out any drow or Lolth worshippers in town by luring them into a trap. Anna will use her spells and Pancho's disguise kit to pretend to be a captive drow. The party will take her to the city jail and lure the villains there. They leave town with a wagon and a cage and return later with Anna in the cage in her drow disguise.
When the party arrives at the city gates, the guards shunt them aside for further investigation. Anna tries to spook the horses into dragging the wagon inside with Prestidigitation, but the combat trained horses refuse to panic. A sergeant is summoned and they partially convince him that their captive "drow" needs to be put in jail. He agrees to escort them to the jail for further questioning. At the jail, the guard force is on alert while the sergeant summons the captain. Anna decides that they need to make things look serious and she casts Magic Missile at Giovane, Harper and Hudora, knowin the minimal damage will not kill them. At this sign that the "drow" is a dangerous spell caster, the sergeant yells for his men to kill her. Giovane tries to shield Anna, but twelve guards fire heavy crossbows at the cage. At least eight strike Anna and mortally wound her, two more misses hit Giovane. He convinces the sergeant to get his men to hold their fire and Harper heals herself, Hudora, and Giovane, but not Anna because he needs her to remain unconscious and untreatening. Giovane casts Spare the Dying on Anna and stabilizes her. The guard captain arrives and agrees to put Anna in a cell. She is taken to the deepest dungeon level, strip searched, gagged and bound and thrown naked in a cell. The captain and sergeant take the party upstairs for questoning. At this point, Giovane and Harper realize further lying to the guards violates their morals as priests, even Hudora agrees they should confess. So they tell the whole truth to the guards. The guard captain decides to release Anna and orders them to return to their inn, they are under house arrest while he investigates. He comes to the inn later after dinner and rents a private room and they tell him the whole story from their departure from Dalruan to the rescue of Brannod from the drow and their commision to capture Vasil and his associates. The captain says they are still under house arrest, he is going to speak to the Colnets next.
In the morning, the captain and his sergeant return. The sergeant is cleaned up and looks like he got some sleep and a shave, the captain appears to have slept in his uniform, if he got any sleep at all. Based on his conversation with the Colnets and his superiors, they will take over the investigation against Vasil and the hunt for drow agents in Gurdikar. The adventurers are released from house arrest, pack their things and leave the city by noon, the sergeant and his men will see that they leave promptly. He tells them not to return to Gurdikar… The party packs up in defeat and heads for the gate on the northern trade road, they still have their treasure map leading to a mystery in the mountains. At the gate, the sergeant tells them if they ride hard, they should be able to make the next town by dark.
The party rides away and makes it to Dalansvale by dusk. But when they arrive, Giovane spots a group of men, possibly barbarian militia, wearing the mark of Zeroc's tribe. Giovane explains these are men from the tribe that killed his parents and took his sister as a slave, they may be able to tell him where she is. The party follows them to their inn and goes in and takes seats at the bar since the room is crowded with barbarians and townspeople. Giovane bribes the bartender for information about the barbarians, but one of them hears Giovane and tells the barbarian leader. When Giovane gets up, the barbarian confronts Giovane and it all goes to hell. Anna casts Stinking Cloud on the room, trying to incapacitate everyone, but Giovane casts Shatter on the group and channels his wrath to do maximum damage. Ten of the barbarians are killed outright and the shockwave rips open the ceiling, dropping three people upstairs into the mess. Two are killed outright, one is wounded. Giovane's divine power is ripped from him and Harper feels it when Giovane's link to his god snaps. Harper, Raidne, Anna and Pancho run outside to escape the cloud. A couple of barbarians are still alive, Anna traps one with Hold Person, Raidne kills another with Thorn Whip. Hudora runs upstairs and helps the people there climb out a window and escape. Pancho is outside helping people climb out of the windows to the common room, Giovane goes to the wounded person and saves them with a Healing Potion, Harper runs back inside and stabilizes the other two with Spare the Dying.
A crowd is gathering outside, town guards and other adventurers thicken the crowd. Anna clears the stinking cloud and by the time the dust settles, there are only a couple surviving barbarians. Giovane realizes what he has done. He gives all his money away, some to the three people people who fell from the ceiling and over a thousand gold to the bartender to pay for repairs. For the second time in two days, the party is under arrest. Since Giovane started it, he is arrested for multiple charges of murder and public destruction. His status as a cleric and Harper's as well, puts matters into a jurisdictional mess. The rest of the party is released on parole, with orders not to leave town. A courier is sent to summon a government investigator and another is sent to Dalruan to summon a representative from Tyr's church. They're not sure what will happen to Giovane, but trial and execution are likely, it's just a question of who will carry it out. He may need to be extradited to the dwarves.

(GM's notes- Well, this was one of the biggest messes I have ever presided over. The plan for House Cleaning was the party would watch Vasil and he would lead them to a secret meeting with his associates. The party's drow bait plan threw that out and Chmiel's chaos ended up killing the adventure. I explained to them that I was going to rule the adventure a failure and they would lose the adventure. It's hard to have failed adventures in RPGs, especially in D&D, because failure in a combat heavy game usually means death or capture. So no reward and almost no XP for the House Cleaning adventure.
I had planned that Gathering Storm would take place in Gurdikar, after they had captured Vasil and his drow associates and the party was in good standing. Instead they got kicked out of town. So I moved the encounter with Zeroc's men, a group of new recruits heading south for the summer mercenary wars, to the next town. In planning my adventure for Gathering Storm, I had planned the party would get into a confrontation with the barbarians, but two were Tyr worshippers and they would surrender to Harper and tell the party where Zerec's stronghold is and how to rescue the slaves, including Giovane's sister, if the party promised to spare the women and children in the village. Giovane's sudden descent into madness, and I agree with Jack that it was not entirely out of character, ran that completely off the rails. There is one surviving barbarian (maybe more, I can't remember exactly what happened at the end of the night, but I only see one left alive on the map), so the secret to Zerec's stronghold is not totally lost, but Giovane will probably not be there to see his sister saved).

Silly Quotes and Smart remarks
Talking about hunting Brannod's cousin Vasil and they shouldn't kill him
Chmiel "If we kill him, he will be once-removed"

Vasil rhymes with basil…
Jack "We're looking for Vasil, and his girlfriend Rosemary"

After Chmiel's chaos causing spell attack as a drow
Chmiel "It's all according to plan"
Brittany "The plan is shit!"