Hostage Rescue

After defeating the githyanki and mindflayer in the village of Snakebrook, the party spends an extra day here helping the villagers get through their anxiety. Harper delivers a service and counsels the townsfolk. But she still feels a pull to head south and they get back on the road. A few nights later, she wakes up in the middle of the night and rouss the rest of the party. They quickly dress and break camp and Harper leads them cross country through the night. In the distance, they spot a fire…
When they arrive, they find a small monastery to Torre has been attacked and is on fire. The party helps fight the fires, Raidne is particularly useful with the Create Water spell. Once the fire is under control, the monks tell them that the monastery was attacked and some of their students kidnapped; they are a teaching school for priests of Torre. Anna examines the damage to the monastery and decides the fire damage are from arcane, not divine, spells, so the attackers had a fire wizard with them. They look for tracks and Hudora finds some. Raidne wildshapes into a hawk and heads off in the direction of the tracks to scout ahead; the rest of the party follows the trails. A ways down the trail, Raidne spots a dead body and lands to examine it. The body is one of the kidnapped students, he was overweight and not very good looking. He has been stabbed in the back, but one hand is stretched out and pointing. Going in the direction he points, they find an area where two wagons and horses were waiting. Three horses go one way to the north west, the wagons and some more riders went south west along a farmers' path. Raidne sends her Serpentine Owl to follow the three horsemen while she continues ahead and finds the two wagons, escorted by four mounted warriors. the wagons are covered with a crossbowman beside the driver and another at the rear of the wagon. The Owl finds the other riders, three dark clad figures alone on horses. Raidne swoops down on the rear wagon and pushes through the curtain into the wagon and finds there are three prisoners in the wagon, bound and gagged. She tries to get out, but has trouble getting past the guard who tries to shoot her for dinner. He misses and she recalls her Owl, returns to the party and returns to human form to tell what she saw. The party rushes to catch up to the wagons. Anna casts Wall of Fire in front of the wagons to stop them, but the lead driver doesn't stop in time and his two horses hit the wall and die. The second wagon hits the first, injuring its horses. The party comes up behind the wagons and the mounted guards and crossbowmen attack. At first they exchange ranged attacks and one of the horsemen is a Liartian priest! Hudora tries Crown of Madness and Pancho casts Enemies Abound, but their enemies shrug off the spells. Raidne casts Call Lightning, Harper a Guiding Bolt and Anna uses Lightning Bolt. Eroe uses his bow as he moves closer to the enemy. Fnally he charges and goes hand to hand and the guards drop their crossbows to draw swords. Pancho uses Dimension Door and teleports himself and Harper into sword range. Hudora continues to snipe and Anna traps the Liartian and a guard in a circular Wall of Fire, but the priest dispels it and hits the party with Fear and everyone flees except Harper and Raidne. The Liartian is killed and one of the last two guards surrenders, but the other continues to fight Harper and she kills him. They capture the last surrendered guard and the wagon drivers and free the prisoners. They heal the injured wagon horses and take the second wagon with the prisoners back to the monastery. Questioning the surviving guard, all he knows is they were headed to Foss in the Southern City States to meet a ship. Foss is a riverport on the Immer river, ships sail up river with cargoes. Perhaps one of those ships is a slave trader.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing Worcestershire Sauce and some people didn't know it was made from fish, and the issue of how Worcester is correctly pronounced as "Wooster" since it is a shibboleth.
Chmiel "It's made from the finest free range anchovies, rescued from an Italian pizzeria"
Jim "It's fermented"
Chmiel "It's fish wine!"
And again, looking at feats
Brittany "Can I take War Caster?"
Chmiel "Warcastershire sauce"

Discussing Pancho's enchanted lute
Stacy "He got it from a lute crate"

Raidne uses Create Water to fight the fire at the monastery
Brittany "I bless the rains down in Africa"

Raidne doesn't want to harm a tree by knocking it down in front of the bad guys' wagons
Stacy "That's tree-son"