After defeating the beholder and recovering Brandark's Harp, the party needs to figure out where to go to restore Flynn after being petrified. The city of Tyr-Sog is nearby and they decide to use the Scroll of Teleport they took from one of the night hags. Jace reads the scroll and they appear in a field about ten miles from the city. They are able to persuade the local farmer they are not demons or such and hire him to take them to town in his wagon.Once they arrive in town,they are able to find a temple and pay a priest to cure Flynn. Since they have returned to civilization, Adolphus pays them their fee for escorting him on his mission, and a big bonus for their lost horses. They buy new, better horses, spending most of the money they were paid and the treasure they gathered. Flynn names his horse after Adolphus and says he will miss the priest. The party decides to rest and live it up for a few days, Raaha's genie patron tells her she will need to head south to find the next item and an ocean journey is needed. Wile the party is having dinner in their upscale inn, Jace is recognized by a handsome young knight who turns out to be his younger brother, Ryland. Ryland hugs and rough houses Jace, insisting he knew he wasn't dead. Eventually he sits down and tells Jace some of what is going on at home. People have started disappearing again, but this time whole families have vanished. Their father claims it's nothing but bandits, but strange, evil writings have been left behind. The adventurers express interest in the symbols and Ry says he gave copies to the baron of Tyr-Sog at their meeting. He can take the party to the baron's palace in the morning and retrieve the copies.
The next day Ry leads them to the palace and speaks to the baron's staff and borrows the drawings. Jace believes they may be something evil, possibly demon related but Flynn recognizes them as related to the cult of demon worshippers he fought in the past. The party decides to head to Loriel and investigate. Jace and Ry lead them to the Kerrigan family estates for a meeting with their father, Lord Claude Kerrigan. The reception is not very warm, Jace's father holds quite a grudge against him for disappearing. Jace's mother and siblings are pleased to see him, but quiet down under Lord Kerrigan's displeasure. Jace brings up the disappearances and possible demonic involvement, but his father denies all that, claiming attacks of simple bandits or raiders. Jace's sister Enid mentions that since he has trained as a cleric, perhaps he can do something to help his sister Prim, who is the victim of a curse, but again his father waves away Jace's involvement, claiming he has a potent wizard from Krondor handling the problem.
Unhappy with their father's decision, Jace and Ry decide to investigate. The next morning, Ry leads the party to a village near the last attack. But when they arrive, they find there was another attack last night! Ry gets directions from the villagers and leads the party to a farm house belonging to a young couple. The front door has been smashed in, the house is in a shambles and the farmers are gone. Zinnius searches around and finds that two humans approached, then a large monster appeared near them and attacked the house. The broken door has a whiff of brimstone. Zinnius follows the tracks back and the monster disappears, but the humans lead the prisoners to where more humans were waiting with horses and rode off afterwards. The party continues to follow the tracks into the mountains east of Loriel and they spot the ruins of an old castle. Jace remembers the castle is almost completely gone and there are some partially intact dungeons beneath it. They sneak up to the castle, but are spotted by a sentry who summons maw demons to attack them. The party quickly slays the demons and Jace pops off a spell at the sentry, who disappears into the ruined tower he was watching from. The party follows him and discovers a stairwell down into the dungeons. They see assorted tracks in the dust, but pick out the sentry's running steps. They follow and encounter a hooded figure and a large demon, its feet look like the tracks they saw at the farmhouse. Most of the party hurl attacks at the demon, the hooded human tries casting Enemies Abound on Flynn, but he resists. Flynn throws his Tourmaline Dire Wolf at the spellcaster. Raaha uses Hex and Maddening Hex on the spellcaster and kills him with multiple Eldritch Blasts. Everyone else beats on the demon and Ry gets in the last, killing blow. They search the bodies and Jace realizes the spellcaster is his brother-in-law Vyncent, who was supposed to have died when he and Jace's sister were killed by bandits. Now Jace wonders how long this has been going on and whose body was left as Vyncent's?
Gala begins exploring and finds the bad guy's horses and then the farm couple who were just kidnapped. They've been beaten, but they're alive. Ry decides to take them and some of the villains' horses and head back to town and get help. Gala continues exploring with the party following and she heads down a partially collapsed passage. It leads them to a larger room, but three more hooded spellcasters attack the rear of the party. Jace casts Beacon of Hope to bolster the party's defenses, Zinnius hits the one in the lead with arrows and hee hurls a flaming spell that smells like brimstone back at Zinnius. Flynn drops him with a javelin. The dire wolf attacks the next, but he responds with a Fire Shield spell and the wolf is knocked out, returning to statuette form. The Fire Shield also smells of brimstone… Raaha and Gala run out of the next room and double back down an adjacent passage, hoping to come around behind the attackers. They succeed and the party catches the last two in a cross fire and cut them down. But two zombie like creatures attack Flynn. When they get close, he sees they are demons wearing the skins of people they have eaten. Flynn and Zinnius hammer them with axe blows and arrows, but one leaps on Zinnius and knocks him out! (GM's note- I rolled two natural 20's and did 59 points of damage; Zinnius was at 40HP) Gala and Raaha run back down the passage and come in behind Flynn. While Flynn fights the demons, Gala casts Firebolt but hits Flynn! Trying to make up for the missed attack, Gala uses her sorcery to quick cast a Chaos Bolt, but hits Flynn again! (GM's note- In my over 35 years of playing, I have never had a player botch twice in a row and not only hit a fellow team mate twice in a row, but TWICE IN THE SAME ROUND!). Flynn kills one demon and Raaha kills the other with an Eldritch Blast. Jace uses Spare the Dying on Zinnius to stabilize him. Gala heals Flynn, then Jace does a Prayer of Healing and Zinnius heals himself as well once he wakes up. Across the hall from them is another door, Raaha uses Mage Hand to open it while the party regroups behind her. Beyond the door is an ogre sized demon with goat legs, a warthogs head and tiny furred wings. It recognizes Flynn and taunts him; "Do you miss your son, Kinslayer?" Gala throws a Fireball behind it and it flashes in blinding colors, frightening everyone but Zinnius who is around a corner. The party hurls spells and missiles at it and it breaks through the doorway into the hall. Most of the party except Gala recover their wits and press the attack Raaha grabs Flynn and Thunder Steps behind the demon to attack and Jace drops it with a Guiding Bolt.
The party searches the cultists, taking coins and a wand. They head back to town and mee Ry returning with a platoon of guardsmen. Ry says they will sweep the dungeons, take care of the bodies and see if they can collapse the entrances to keep people out. The adventurers return to Loriel and plan their next move.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Flynn is still turned to stone
Brittany "Stone Cold Steve Austin"
Stacy "I don't think Stone Cold had abs as rock hard as Flynn's"

Zinnius has a zero bonus for Intelligence, Religion and Arcana
Brittany "I'm bird brained"

Stacy "I've never experienced a demon in real life"
Nick "You've never worked at Home Depot"

The party is living it up in town after three months north of the mountains
Stacy "I don't get black out drunk, that's not cool. Plus, I'm Irish"
Jim "So you have advantage on rolls vs drinking?"

Talking about what to go shopping for
Stacy "Spyglass"
Brittany "Nunchucks. Spyglass-nunchucks"

Describing the strange, two-toed monster tracks
Brittany "Were-turkeys"

Zinnius is knocked out, then Gala shoots Flynn in the back twice in a row
Nick "Zinnius did the right thing, checking out"
Stacy "You guys are killing me"
Jim "No, we're killing Flynn"
Nick, with Flynn down to 33 HP "I was at 52 <HP> when Jack started his turn"

Flynn has a demon left to fight
Jim "Bad guy in front of you"
Jack, talking about Gala "And a bad guy behind you"
Jim "You're just a dumb guy"

Sam moves Raaha up
Jim "You can get between Flynn and Gala"
Jack "Please"

Raaha opens a door to reveal a very large demon
Brittany, squeaky panicked voice "Close the door, close the door!"

The demon hits the party with a spell effect to frighten them and Flynn fails even in barbarian rage
Jack "You're mad at how scared you are"
Stacy "It makes you scangry"

Discussing again Jack's double botch/party hit being unrivalled in Jim's long career
Jack "Infamous is better than famous"
Jim "Because it has more letters?"

Describing the Wand of Fire
Stacy "That's the prettiest piece of wood I've seen"
Jim "That's what she said"

Jack "My conscience is the strong, silent type"

Ry returns with a platoon of guards, but that's not what JoAnne heard in the next room…
Jo "Did you say tuna guards?"
Sam "You have fish people guarding your castle"