Hoest Nocturo

Father of Fenriz Nocturnus an Arcane Trickster Spy and leader of the The Children of Bathory. He has inherited shadow magic from his bloodline, which descended from Shadowfell. His family lineage was a set of Drow sorcerers that transported into the Shadow realm. They finally found their way to Neverwinter during the wars for power. Hoest is an elf, pale as snow with pale eyes (due to his shadow magic lineage). He is always found with a large black cloak. His face is always covered with black soot to help make him look terrifying. He lost his love Myrkur and blames Fenriz for her disappearance. He is proud of Fenriz and terrified to loose him. He pushes Fenriz to be the best spy possible. Allowing Fenriz to travel away from Neverwinter forces him into a state of massive despression and anxiety.