HMS Menace

The HMS Menace is a Swiftwood class gunkite. Captain Harper has made several modifications, mainly replacing the Martian armaments with British weapons. He did retain the power grapnel, however. The ship now mounts a 5" gun at the bow, 6 pounder Hotchkiss revolving cannons on the wings and a pair of 1" Gatling guns, one on either side of the quarterdeck. The use of modern British guns allowed Captain Harper to reduce his gunnery crew from 9 to 6.
Being used to the traditions of Earth seagoing ships where the bridge is on the top, Harper has also installed a speaking tube arrangement to the bridge on the bottom deck so that he can command the ship from the fighting deck and pass helm orders to his first officer and the helmsman.

Technical Specifications
Armor: 0
Hull: 3 (ram)
Speed: Kite
Altitude: Very high
Tonnage: 250
Price: 18,360

Crew: 4+2+33
Bridge: C, H, T, S, O
Deck: 3
Maneuver: 3
Gunners: 6
Marines: 2 officers, 18 troops
Servants: 2, Butler and Cook

1 5" gun, forward
2 6 pdr. Hotchkiss Revolving cannons
2 1" Gatling guns, broadsides
1 power grapnel, aft