Hired Help

Guest player: Mike as Roy "Dirty" Hwang

A Job Offer
Finished with the bounty on Regina, the Britannia heads to Boros looking for work. Captain Windsor finds a cargo of machine tools and a couple of salesmen headed for Persephone. Two other passengers come looking for berths, but they seem shifty so the captain questions them and they say they will be back but don't show in time for departure (GM's note: Yep, they were small time crooks). On the way to Persephone, Naomi hears from Citizen Wraith, he is having no luck breaking the military encryption on the Folsom's black box.
On Persephone, they arrive and begin unloading. The captain gives everyone 24 hours of shore leave while he handles offloading cargo. Naomi and Ruan take off on the motorcycle she took from the cattle rustlers and end up finding a Russian community street festival. Ruan buys some gifts and ships them off to Niska and his wife.
Back at the ship, a tough character approaches the captain, he is Roy "Dirty" Hwang, a former police officer from Sihnon. He now works as a bounty hunter, investigator and trouble shooter. He is on a job to rescue a woman kidnapped by slavers. He has tracked the gang to Parth and plans to go in under cover as a buyer and simply buy the woman to rescue her. He has seen the reports about the crew's fight with shipjackers and their recent stint as bounty hunters. He wants to hire them to provide transport and back up muscle. The captain agrees and calls everyone back to the ship early so they can depart for Parth.
Ruan leaves a message for Niska, Ruan thinks they may have to ask Niska for help with the Folsom's black box.

Into the lion's den
The Britannia lands at port and they take a shuttle to the slavers' hideout in a converted warehouse. Hwang is in fancy clothes as the buyer, Ruan is his medical expert to inspect slaves with Silas and Ronnie as Hwang's bodyguards. They talk their way in to a meeting with the slaver boss, an asian named Mong. Hwang bargains with Mong, saying he is looking for women for domestic servants. Mong takes them to an auction room and female prisoners are brought in, but the women Hwang is looking for is not there, Mong already made a sale earlier in the day. Hwang tries to get Mong to sell to him for a higher price, then to get the other buyer to sell to Hwang. Mong refuses and the team leaves to plan their next move, an attack to free the slaves. While trying to figure out how many guards they have to deal with, Ruan nonchalantly sketches in the numbers and locations of the guards and slaves in the warehouse. They come with a two pronged plan of attack and put the hip in orbit to be safe, then return with the shuttles. (MUCH overplanning…)

"I'm here to rescue you"
Ruan and Ronnie return with Cid piloting the shuttle and Silas for backup. Ruan talks up the guards and flashes Hwang's money and tells the guards he wants to buy one of the women for his personal use. The guards agree and have the woman Ruan mentioned brought up front. Ruan says she's not the one, trying to start an argument and bring as many guards as possible into the room. Ruan and Ronnie ambush the guards and take them out, Silas shoots the guard outside the main door. Cid flies the shuttle around back to knock in the freight door of the warehouse, but breaches the hull. Windsor, Hwang and Naomi come with the second shuttle and knock down a section of the perimeter fence.
Ruan and Ronnie work their way through the building, Silas runs around the warehouse to come in the freight door and is almost sniped by Naomi's railgun. Hwang and Silas take out the guards in the back and meet Ruan and Ronnie in the middle. They grab the slaves and get everyone jammed into the shuttles and fly off. Cid goes up to orbit and brings the Britannia down while Silas repairs the shuttle. The rescued slaves are transferred to the Britannia and they fly to Bernadette where Hwang's contact is. He pays off the crew and says he will handle getting the rescued victims into the hands of the authorities and returned home.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Kevin "We have a sign on the ship 'This many days since last hijacking attempt'."

Lee "Love overcomes all dice rolls"

Talking about Silas' home brewing and using protein paste, the booze was "Soylent Clear"

Ruan is at a Russian culture street fair looking for a gift for Adelai Niska and his wife
Raleigh "What do you get the man who kills everything?"

Michael's character Cid finally won a game of pool with a great roll, everyone cheered.

Emily "What kind of Russian games can we play?"
Raleigh "Roulette?…oh, wait"

The slave trader boss was named Mong
Lee "Mong the Merciless?"

Talking about Silas' chip on the shoulder and his intimidating moustache
Emily "It's a facial hair trigger"

Lee "Take the boss out"
Raleigh "And show him a good time"

Talking about hiring some of the rescued slaves as servants on the ship
Kevin "We can pay them in ship credits"
Lee <laughing> "Britannia Bucks!!"

Naomi almost shoots Silas, then a close call with Hwang
Mike "I've heard of friendly fire, but that was almost too friendly"
Lee "It was almost intimate fire"