Hellboy Magic

There are two kinds of magic, ritual and arcane or wizardry.

Ritual Magic
Ritual magic involves complicated and generally long ceremonies to ask for the aid of a supernatural being. The ceremonies themselves are complex tasks, requiring multiple die rolls. The Assets Ritual Aptitude (m) and Ritual Adept (M) will give bonuses, but are not required.

Wizardry is about channeling natural magical energy to accomplish your goal. Channeling the energy to shoot a stream of fire or create a wall of force. To be a wizard you must have either Dabbler (m) or Mage(M). With Dabbler, your Magic skill is limited to d6 and you cannot specialize. Mage allows you to raise your skill past d6 and specialize in two ways: Control and Power. Control represents your finesse and is used for things like Illusions or Charm. Power represents how much magical energy you can channel. Your Power skill is your base damage using magic or how strong your defenses are. Wizards can take the complication, Technology Jinx (minor or major) which represents the fact that modern technology does not work well around wizards. Cars, electronics, etc have a chance to fail around you. High power wizards don't fly on airplanes and can't use computers. They can spend a spell point (stun point) and deliberately focus their jinx on an item like a security camera to knock it out.

Wizards can use ritual spells as well. They can take the Ritual Aptitude (m) and Ritual Adept (M) assets as well if they wish.