Hellboy/B.P.R.D. Campaign Introduction

I ran a loose campaign idea set in Mike Mignola's Hellboy/BPRD universe. We used the Serenity/Cortex rules as the base, but with rules from the Supernatural RPG and a lot of home brewed stuff. Player characters were members of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, the secret organization that fights monsters, etc. Some PCs were supernatural beings or enhanced humans like psychics or wizards, etc. And now there's Hellboy 5E.

Background and Setting

Character Types
Psychic Abilities
Comics vs Films
Assets & Complications
New Skills
Perk Points
Character Advancement, Serenity vs Supernatural

The Campaign

Hector Salazar, Monster Hunter (played by Kevin)
Algren, Clockwork Homunculus (played by Emily)
Lenox Jones, Blues Magician (played by Raleigh)
Dan, empathic psychic(played by Ryan)
Maccabees, Fallen Angel (played by Matt)
Miyoshi, Half Dragon Samurai (played by Michael)
Mist, Valkyrie (played by Christopher)
Stone, Monster Hunter (played by Lee)

Max Steele, FBI Agent (played by George)
Professor Maaria Krete, Paranormal Specialist (played by Niels)
Marco, Psychic Blademaster (formerly played by Matt)
Geck, Lizardman (formerly played by Konrad)
Bill Patasko, BPRD Trooper (formerly played by Dave E)
Frank Sheffield, Technopsychic (played by Chmiel)
Xander, Demonborn (played by Konrad)

Don't fear the Reaper
Ghoul Train
This Little Piggy
Ouroboros, part 2
Countdown The Infiltrator
The Island
On Patrol in Toledo
The Jersey Devil
Ball's in your Court