Hedging Your Bets

The party has arrived at the grung village of Grunggrunglung, with is surrounded by a hedge maze of plants growing 50 feet tall. The party talks to the grung guards, who are looking for help against undead who have invaded the maze around their village. If the adventurers help, they can offer information to assist the party in their quest. The maze changes magically, so undead that wander in can become trapped. They give the party a pass stone to show to grung patrols in the maze. If the party will clear out some undead, they can talk to the grung leaders for help.
The party enters the maze with Korinn in the lead, trying to figure a way through the maze. Along the way they find a human arm sticking out of the hedges and they approach it cautiously in case it belongs to a zombie or such, but its a simple severed arm… Moving further in, they are attacked by a pair of ghouls, but they are no match for the party. Therhana swings at one and misses and hits Korinn, who is not at all happy about it. When the party finds its way through the maze, they are attacked by a half dozen zombies, the party attacks and Talya turns half of the zombies, allowing the adventurers to concentrate on a few zombies at a time and defeat them.
In the center of the maze is a small lake with an island and a large temple that looks like a frog. The party is escorted inside and speaks to the grung king, Groak. King Groak tells the party that the grung know the jungle very well and can help them, but first they must help the grung. He wants their help in summoning the grung fertility goddess Nangnang so he can mate with her and help renew the species. The king tells them to talk to his head priest, Krr'oak, for what needs to be done for the ceremony.
The head priest tells them what the king wants is impossible, but he has some magical paints that they can use to create an illusion. Remoro, Aria and Therhana use the paints and their powers to produce a suitable illusion and after the ceremony, the king agrees to help them. The priest gives them a Ring of Jumping, which he hands to Kiistnoa. The king settles down to answer their questions about the jungle. The undead curse is being caused by an ancient magical weapon called the Soulmonger. It is located in the Forbidden City of Omu. There is someone who may be able to help. A female elf came to their village and travelled through the hedge maze. She left without speaking to the grung, but killed undead with magic, not weapons. She may be a powerful spellcaster. She is supposed to be living in the Heart of Ubtao, a hill which has been carved to look like a giant heart. The Heart of Ubtao is three days away. The party decides to head to the Heart first. The grung put the party up for the night and offer them food and supplies to travel in the jungle. But the meat is strange… When the party sees human limbs over the cookfires, they go back to their rations.
The grung set the party on their way the next day, heading down a mostly cleared path through the jungle. On the second day, they stumble into a giant spider nest and fight three spiders. After the spiders are slain, Remoro shoots Fire Bolts into the nest, burning the egg sacks and spiderlings. They move on through the jungle, which is growing thicker as they go. A day short of the Heart, a t-rex attacks the party, sweeping them aside with its tail. The party attacks and drives the t-rex away.
The party arrives at the Heart and get a surprise; the Heart is a free floating stone mass, levitating 100 feet off the ground. The elf sees the party and invites them to come up via a teleport circle on the ground. The party is teleported to the Heart and the elf introduces herself as Valindra. , many weeks travel south near the Peaks of Flame. But, if the party travels a week to the temple of Kir Sabal to the east, the Aarakocra can give the adventurers the gift of flight to help them travel. They should travel to Kir Sabal and seek The Teacher. The party thanks her and asks if she has any magic to help them, but she does not. Some of the party are a little hesitant to trust her, as she prepares to teleport them back to the ground, Kiistnoa gets a glimpse of her suggesting her appearance is an illusion, she may be some kind of undead. When the party reappears on the ground, they are attacked by sword wielding half-snake creatures and Valindra has shed her illusion, she might be some kind of undead drow!

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Making stripper jokes while passing around change from ordering dinner
Marcus "I'm used to picking up singles"
Bonnie "With what…?"

Moving into the hedge maze
Caite "Its like Maze Runner. Or the Goblet of Fire"
Mike "Let's go with Goblet of Fire"
Lee "There's a bustle in the hedgerow"

Caite botches and hits Bonnie's character
Caite "Can we use dice that don't have ones on them?"

Discussing the different colors of grungs by castes
Jim "Don't lick the frogs"

The grung leader is king Groak
Lee "Supreme leader Groke?"

The grung priest wants to do an illusion of the grung goddess to fool the king
Jim "Frog porn"