Hector Salazar: Mexican Supernatural Investigator

Raised in a Catholic orphanage in slums of Catemaco, a town famous for witchcraft, sorcery and the occult. He was befriended by Father Roderick at the Basilica of the Virginia del Carmen. Father R. noticed that Hector has a strong ability to sense supernatural entities and can often determine the powers that different entities might have.

Hector spent many years investigating and hunting the supernatural and occult with Father Roderick. Over time, Father R. realized that Hector did not always agree with the ways of the Church and he used his contacts to help Hector join the BPRD.

It is unknown where Hector came from and where why he has this supernatural ability. The only clue is that he occasionally has traumatic flashes/visions that sometimes cause him to be incapacitated for a short time.

Hector's Items