Head Games

(GM's note: Based on Head Trip mini adventure by Jeff Grubb)
A Head for Business
The team returns to Oracle Base after delivering the stolen Corellian Corvettes. They have some down time for training and C'athall is sent on an officers' training course. While he is away, the rest of the team are dispatched on a courier run, delivering messages and retrieving data from Rebel cells. They visit Asran, Ralme and end up on Mila. At each stop, Zaonderh finds a cargo to maintain their cover as a tramp freighter crew. On Mila, his underworld contacts tell him a local fence, the Bimm Ginder, will be at the Falling Rodian cantina with some hot data to sell. They head to the bar. Inside, Hack goes to the bar and starts chatting up the bartender. Leelan takes an empty booth next the Bimm and orders a drink. Zaonderh and Varek approach the Bimm's table and Zaonderh sits down to negotiate. The Bimm has a bag holding something rounded, he opens it to reveal a protocol droid's head. He explains it is the head of the L8O inventory droid that worked for the Hutt Riborga before his cartel was wiped out. Riborga's treasure stash was never recovered, the droid's memory banks should hold the secret. Ginder wants 1,000 credits. Zaonderh starts bargaining with him since Ginder thinks the droid has the data, but he has no proof. While they talk, three hard case looking humans, two men and a woman, come into the cantina. They scan the bar and head for the Bimm's table. Leelan starts assembling his sniper rifle he brought in a case. As the newcomers approach, the team sees they are wearing uniforms of local mining laborers, but the uniforms are clean and neat and they carry themselves like soldiers. Hack starts to follow them across the cantina and the woman turns to watch him. They come to the table and their leader accuses Giner of having stolen property and says if he surrenders it, no harm will come to him. Ginder protests and argues. The cantina doors open again and another trio enter. Their leader is a shifty looking human male, his two companions are wearing hooded cloaks, but appear to be Trandoshans. At the table, the miners' leader reaches across to grab the bag with the droid head. Varek attacks, hitting the leader with his flame projector. The miner falls to the floor, trying to put out his burning clothes. His two associates draw pistols and shoot at Varek. One misses and hits one of the band. Varek ducks behind a corner, Ginder shrieks and drops under the table. Zaonderh drops under the table and shoots Ginder and takes the head. Everyone pulls guns, Hack shoots at one of the miners. The Trandoshans pull out blaster rifles and their leader draws a pistol. Varek fires a micromissile at the new trio, but misses and blows a hole in the wall. Leelan drops his rifle on the table and fires but also misses and almost hits the bartender across the way. Zaonderh shoots the table support and breaks off the tabletop and slides out of the booth, using it as a shield between him and Varek and the bad guys. The miner leader shoots a hole in the tabletop and Zaonderh blows his head off. The team guns down the surviving miners and the Trandoshans, Hack takes the weasel looking human prisoner. Hack offers to let him go if he tells them who sent him. He agrees, he works for the Hutt Niroma, one of Riborga's relatives. She feels Riborga's loot is hers by right of inheritance. Hack lets him go, but Zaonderh decides he know too much and shoots him in the back. The team hears sirens in the distance and runs out and piles in their speeder and drive off before stormtroopers arrive.

Back on the ship, they lift off and Leelan plots a jump into deep space so they can figure out where to go next. Hack examines the droid head, it does look intact. But there's something unusual in the head, blocks of a putty like substance. He takes it to Leelan who decides they're explosive charges and safely removes them. Hack copies the droid's memories, then wakes up the droid. Its memory and personality is intact, his mannerism is a fast-talking wheeler-dealer (GM's note- Think Joe Pesci's character in the Lethal Weapon movies). He's willing to share the data with them, but he wants a new body first. Doesn't have to be fantastic, but he wants to see and check it before hand. They ask what's in the cache, the droid says guns, drugs, precious art, some ship weapons. The team sorts through the downloaded data and does find signs that the droid is telling the truth. They decide to go see Leelan's Junker contact for a new droid body. But when they come out of hyper, they are completely off course, Leelan made a mistake. Varek and Leelan work to calculate where they might be and plot a new jump away.
(GM's note- For the second session, Mike was able to make it after missing the first part, but Michael and Lee were not. So…)
The team jumps back to Oracle base and picks up a very tan C'athall, now back from his training mission. They jump to Oram and Leelan contacts Chag, her Junker contact on the planet. They land at Chag's facility, Zaonderh stays aboard, refusing again to go to such a filthy place. They pick out a decent condition SE4 droid body and they get to work attaching L8O's head to his new body. They also go scavenging for better sensors and maneuvering thrusters. They find the front half of a partially stripped corellian corvette and pull thruster assemblies and sensor gear from it. Leelan wants to do both upgrades, but Varek feels they don't have time to spare, but agrees the better sensors will be useful. The fit the sensors and Leelan catches a mistake Hack made and fixes it. L8O is happy with his new body and gives them the secret files about the asteroid base, exact location and all the security passwords. It does have a couple security droids onboard. Data exchange complete, L8O askes to be dropped off somewhere he can make his wat from. They settle on Ralme IV, L8O says he knows some people there. After a short hop to the Ralme system, to drop off L8O, the team looks at their objective. The Hutt's asteroid treasure stash is in the Skone system, which is unfortunately the site of an Imperial Fleet replenishment base. And the area the asteroid is currently in is a live fire gunnery practice area…

Worms in the Apple
Putting their heads together, they plan an emergence point and course to head into the asteroid belt. When they arrive at Skone, they seem to be safe from patrols. They approach the asteroid and transmit the access codes. The camouflaged doors open and a docking tube emerges, but stops partway. Varek is forced to maneuver carefully close to the tube and dock. They gear up and head into the asteroid, leaving Zaonderh to guard the ship. The status panel in the tube shows that power is very low, with no artificial gravity, but there is atmosphere in the tube. But when they get to the end and open the cargo door to the interior, the next chamber is in vacuum. Leelan is sucked through and thrown spinning across a large cavern. He loses control and pukes a little in his helmet, then smacks into the far wall, faceplate first. His faceplate cracks and air and vomit begin leaking from the break. Leelan pulls a tube of sealant from a pocket and patches the crack.
The rest of the team enters and looks around, there are a couple of exits, but one door has a large hole in it. The hole appears to have been cut by some kind of grinding device, no signs of explosion or heat. The room beyond is a machine shop. The next door gives into a locker room with spacesuits, they close the hatch and repressurize the room. Leelan finds a helmet that will fit his suit and discards his damaged one. From the suit room, a passage leads to another door, but there's vacuum on the other side. The hatch is labelled "Command Center". They depressurize the hall and open the door. Inside isa commabd center with multiple consoles, but everything is damaged. As they examine the room, they are attacked by a group of mynocks! Varek hoses one with his repeating blaster, but the silicone based mynock is resistant to blaster fire (GM's note- I can't tell you how many sixes I rolled on my wild die this session. The first mynock got a 25 on 2d6 because of wild die rerolls and that string continued all night. Emily, on the other hand, had multiple botches all night, sometimes in a row). Everyone opens fire and eventually manages to shoot them all down. There is a hole in the wall of the room, chewed through by the mynocks. Varek rips a counter top off a desk and they weld it into place as a temporary seal. Hack manages to get a terminal live and they download the base schematics. They decide to head to main power to see if they can get arificial gravity back and the cargo bay to look for all the loot. When they get to the power plant, it is also wrecked and more mynocks swarm them. The team does better this time and C'athall and Varek cut down the attacking creatures. They move through the power room, there is an even bigger whole chewed in this wall and it leads to the primary cargo bay. Looking inside they see some intact cargo containers and crates, but many are broken. There's something moving in the bay, something big… Their helmet lights reveal two baby space slugs, but they are still six or seven meters long! Varek fires a rocket into one, then C'athall and Hack blast some chunks out of it. The first slug writhes away in pain, but the second bites Varek, engulfing him in its jaws. Its grinding teath puncture his armor and he begins to lose air. Leelan attacks with his plasma torch, but misses. Varek tries to fire his flame projector down its throat, but misses and sets himself on fire! The slug spits the burning Varek out. C'athall darts in, grabs Varek, throws a thermal detonator in the slug's mouth and pulls Varek back through the hole in the wall. The team falls back, but the slug tries to chase them. They get back in the passage leading to the command center and the detonator explodes, killing the two slugs but also taking a chunk out of the loot in the cargo bay. Fortunately missing a container of proton torpedoes…
The team drags the badly wounded Varek back toward the pressurized part of the station. They look down the hall and see a door labelled "sick bay". They drag Varek into a small medical facility including a dormant 2-1B medical droid. Hack powers it up and it goes to work on Varek. Once Varek is stable, they get him a suit from the locker room and head back to check what survived to thermal detonator and the slugs. Most anything that had power cells and such has been eaten by slugs or mynocks. But there is an intact proton torpedo launcher, a crate of six torpedoes and a sealed container of precious art worth about six thousand credits. They also loot the spare space suits and some tools.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Pay day for the characters
Lee "I have 667 credits, can I get paid 124 credits instead?"
Emily "You can give me a credit"
Lee "There we go, 666 credits"
Emily "You are so metal"

Droid minis were used for the cantina band and everyone kept talking about the band as if they were droids
Lee "Their timing is tight as shit, but their music has no soul"

Emily made a comment about how alliterative the situation was
Emily "Big barren booth beside the Bimm beholding the bad blues Bith band"

Joking about ordering drinks
Kevin "I got this drink in a bar on Coruscant, it was green. Can you make it?"

Somehow we got off on a side topic about Mirialan porn and Hack maintains the secret porn server on the Rebel base
Lee "I'm always looking for new porn"
Jim "As part of your job as morale officer"

The Bimm Ginder is asking for 1,000 credits for the droid head
Lee "A thousand credits for head seems a little high"

Kevin rolls very poorly shooting his missile launcher even though he bought two extra dice to roll
Kevin "It's not my fault!"
Lee "I'm glad you spent those extra chips to get those extra ones"

Who's driving the get away speeder?
Emily "I am. I'm a good driver"
Mass laughter
Jim "Okay Rain Man"

They download L8O's data, and decide Redo will run through it faster
Jim "Droid on droid action"
Lee "Bang Bus 18: Droid on Droid"

Talking about the last episode of The Expanse before the game
Emily "Space is complicated"

C'athall was on a field training exercise and everyone was making comments about how it must have been nicer than the barren rock the base is on
Emily "Vacation CE?"
Mike " 'Training Exercise'. I come back super tanned"

Deciding who is flying the ship for the landing on the junk planet
Emily, to Kevin "You're piloting, I'm too excited about junk"

Looking at what droids the junk dealer has
Jim "Not so much a show room…"
Kevin "A show heap?"
Jim "Yes, like a mass grave. Bodies piled on top of each other"

Leelan pukes in his helmet
Mike "When did we have corn?"

Emily figured out some clues without having her character make skill checks
Emily "I use Perception without having to roll badly"

The mynocks have chewed holes in walls and electronics
Emily "These are not good pets"
Jim "No, you will not get your security deposit back"

The space slug bites Varek and chews on him
Kevin "Am I still in the mouth?"
Mike "That's what she said"
Emily "No, you're in the esophagus"
Mike "I'm currently in the sphincter. Repeat, I am in the sphincter"