Dr. Taylor Hawkin

Former Frontier Doctor- You grew up on the Rim, but your parents had money and your grades were good so you went to a Med Academy on Boros. After the Reavers ate your patients and neighbors, you decided being a moving target was safer and got a job on a ship.

Hans M’bato was a man that every war attracts: an idealist. Very well educated by the standards of the Rim, he knew that the only way to maintain freedom and resist oppression was to stand up to it. He was the first one to raise his hand at a town meeting when the Browncoats came recruiting. He served well and survived the Battle of Serenity Valley. Now he’s a farmer on Hera, tending his farm and sharing his books with his neighbors. Black male, early 40’s, average height, bald with a scar over left ear.

Rob Ecklar
Rob is a medical supplies dealer on Boros. Rob owes you for some medical favors and always gets your supplies at cost. Hispanic male, about 50.

Liz Hammerstein
A classmate at the Boros MedAcademy, Liz is a town doctor in Levittown on Zephyr.