Havoc class Londinium Space Navy Destroyer (Prewar)
20,000 tons
400' L x 100' W x 80' H
Agi d6 Str d8 Vit d6 Ale d8 Int d6 Wil d8
Life Points: 16
Speed Class: 8 Hard Burn: 10
Armor: 2W
Fuel- 800 hours at SC 8 (Fuel-Efficient bonus)
3 d8 Railguns, 450 rounds total
4 d12 (vehicle) lasers
4 Medium anti-ship missile launchers (2 tons)
4 Anti-fighter missile launchers (1/2 ton)
Missile magazine [40 anti-ship (d8), 40 anti-fighter (d6), 4 decoys (d8), 24 jammer(d6)]
Crew: 50
Marines: 18
Passengers: 12
Cargo: 381.6 tons
14 5 person lifeboats
4 50 ton small craft

Complexity: 42 High (x1.6)
Sharp Sense (m): Passive Sensors
Fuel Efficient (m)
Born to the Black (M)
Cost: 2,562,027 cr
Maintenance: 5,334 cr/month

The Havoc class was built early in the LSN's build up and preceded the Triumph class cruisers. The later class used many of the same weapon systems, since they were of proven effectiveness.
The Havoc class were intended as workhorses of the fleet and carried marines and had additional accommodations that could be used for transporting VIPs and diplomats or more Marines. Four of the LSN's standard small craft were carried, a mix of Eagle shuttles, Valkyrie dropships and Wyvern fighters. They had very good passive sensors and were fuel efficient, but could not enter a planetary atmosphere and land. In fleet actions, they were intended to serve as sensor pickets, defend heavier ships or escort convoys. They could also be deployed individually or in small groups for anti-piracy missions.
Ships in the class also included Chaos, Devastation, Vengeance, Revenge, Reprisal, Retribution, and Retaliation. All were either lost in the war or scrapped afterwards.

Inspired by this artwork