Harper's Contacts

British captain- Commander Alistair Truman, captain of the Steam Gunboat Wasp, stationed in Syrtis Major.
Harper served under and was polished for captaincy by Truman in his first years on Mars.

British Legate- Commodore (retd) Lord Charles Swanson, Karkarham. Lord Swanson is a retired Royal Navy officer, stationed in Karkarham as a liaison to the various privateers who hold Letters of Marque from the Crown. He is an older man, barrel chested with a bushy beard and a full head of grey hair. He tends to speak in a booming voice when excited, as if shouting orders across the sounds of the guns.

Martian Dock Foreman- Zardan, works at High Docks in Karkarham.

British Officer- Lieutenant John Gilliam, British Army Garrison at Meepsoor.

Dandy- Robert Granger in Parhoon.