Halcon Industries

Halcon Industries was a founded as Halcon Daubert Propulsion systems, a small sized engine manufacturing company. The company was founded by Archibald Franklin Halcon and Wieland Francis Daubert.

Halcon Daubert propulsion systems specialized in reaction drive engines, for smaller industrial craft serving transportation between planets and space stations.

Before the war they were a small company of about 40 people. Once the War broke, out the Alliance contracted out to many companies to start producing everything for the war effort, as it turns out the WD-16 (Wieland Daubert model number 16) was a perfect power plant for the alliance strike craft and that served nearly 75% of all engines in use for the Alliance. This new demand forced the small company to expand and within a year was producing nearly 91% of all engines for the Alliance. The influx of capital allowed the company to expand from just engines to ship design and weapons systems and by year five, Halcon Daubert was responsible for nearly 15% of all alliance supplies.

Near the end of the war, Daubert became very withdrawn and one day disappeared. Archibald needed someone he thought he could trust, so he hired his brother on to help run the company.

The new company was called Halcon Industries and today their products can be found on nearly every civilized world and some of the uncivilized ones too.

While the WD 16 was replaced with the newer better Blue Sun HCS (High Capacity Systems) most ships still use a Halcon system in some part of the ship, most commonly in the stabilizer systems of ships with VTOL systems.

"Halcon: we'll keep you steady"