Hack The Code

(GM's note: After what happened, I almost renamed the adventure "Comedy of Errors" or "Hack the Code, not Crash it!" or "Look out!!". Sorry Emily, but it wasn't all your fault)

Looking for a payday
After finishing the repairs on the Britannia from the pirate attack, Captain Windsor decides he wants to upgrade the ship and after consulting the crew, decides on an improved sensor array. Cid talks to some of his father's suppliers and is able to get the parts needed and Silas and Naomi get it installed. While the upgrade is being done, Windsor starts looking for work. He receives a call from Niska. Niska is chatty, asks how repairs are coming along, they were expensive, no? Windsor is again concerned about how much oversight Niska seems to have on their activities, but admits they are short on cash. Niska invites Windsor to meet him on his skyplex above Ezra, he has a job for them that is on Ezra, no travel required. Windsor agrees, but after the conversation, he goes out and buys a Newtech bug detector and sweeps the ship, but finds nothing. The crew finishes the work and flies from Boros to Niska's base.
When they arrive, Niska's men tell the captain to bring his mechanics to the meeting. Ruan takes along as always and Ronnie decides to come as well. Niska welcomes everyone and is making idle chat about Windsor's large engineering staff, assuming Ronnie to be one of them. The job, is a computer attack on an Alliance base on Ezra. Niska is expecting a shipment of "merchandise" next week, unfortunately he has learned the Alliance is sending a major patrol unit to Ezra before the delivery arrives. So the crew is going to help him deal with it. He has some Alliance uniforms and fake IDs. He wants the crew to infiltrate the Alliance Cortex Relay station on Ezra just outside the capital of Miller's Landing. He has a computer worm they need to upload into the relay's network. When the patrol ship arrives, the worm will send them falsified orders to leave the planet, it should last just long enough for the delivery to make it past. Ruan decides to Read Niska. He never has before and decides to find out the truth about Niska's reputation and the job. However, the horror of all the tortures Niska has done and his enjoyment of them overwhelms Ruan and he gags, then vomits on Niska's rug. Everyone, including Niska, is concerned about Ruan, Niska even orders his secretary Esmeralda to bring Ruan some cold water to drink. Once Ruan recovers, Niska goes on with the details. He suggests they will need an official Alliance vehicle to support their ruse and suggests the crew steal a vehicle from an Alliance motor pool detachment on the other side of Ezra, near the town of Luanyi. The crew can modify its ID markings and transponder so it won't match the stolen vehicle report. Security on Ezra is pretty lax, so Niska expects the false paperwork and official vehicle should be sufficient to slide through. He offers them 2,000 credits for the job. Windsor is willing, but feels the reward is insufficient. They bargain with Niska, they will take the 2,000cr, but Ruan's debt to Niska will be cancelled as well. Niska agrees and gives them the worm program, information on the two bases and sends them to see his people. They fit Windsor in an Alliance Lieutenant's uniform, Silas is a sergeant and Ronnie, Ruan and Naomi are technical specialists. They return to the Britannia and head for the planet below.

Investigating the motor pool base, they decide to fly in under the sensors and land nearby. Windosr calculates a nap of the earth course and Cid flies it perfectly, landing the Britannia in some hills nearby. Silas drives Ruan, Ronnie and Naomi out in the mule, but hits a rock in the dark. Fortunately the mule is very rugged and keeps running. Silas and Naomi take an overwatch position on a hill nearby while Ruan and Ronnie sneak up to the fence. They cut through the perimeter fence and separate to take out the two guard posts that can see the vehicle garages. Ruan climbs the ladder to the guard tower, but that last rung breaks and he falls into the guard post (Emily rolled a "4" on three dice!). He barely manages to hit the guard with his stun baton before he can hit the alarm. The guard falls unconscious and Ruan takes his radio and sneaks back. Ronnie climbs his guard tower and gets the guard in a choke hold and tries to suffocate him. But the guard breaks free and Ronnie is forced to hit the guard with his stun baton also. The two infiltrators meet up again and find an open vehicle bay with a hovertruck, a T-6 transport. Ruan gets it started, but fails to clear the fence and makes a terrible racket. Ruan finally gets the truck over the fence and drives back to the ship. They get the truck and the mule back aboard and they fly back the way they came.

With the truck in hand, Naomi changes the transponder code and Silas modifies the ID plate and repaints the ID numbers on the truck so it does not match the stolen truck records. Windsor decides to approach the base in the afternoon, when the guards should be least concerned. Silas drives, with Windsor upfront and the "techs" in the back. Silas pulls up to the gate and Windsor talks to the gate guard and is cleared. However, Silas has trouble with the truck (Kevin botched) and almost hits the guard who manages to dodge. Silas gets things under control and drives calmly to the relay control station. Windsor easily passes the door guard and the soldier inside checking in visitors and they find a computer room and hack in and begin uploading the worm. A captain sees them working and comes into question them, but Windsor's calm military bearing and Naomi's flood of technospeak disarm the captain's suspicions. They finish the job, pack up and sign out at the entrance desk. Ruan insists on driving since Silas did such a bad job on the way. But on the way back, Ruan collides with a staff car (Emily rolled a "4" on three dice again!), its the colonel in charge of the base. The colonel and his master sergeant driver get out and they proceed to rip Windsor and Ruan apart. When the colonel finally calms down, he orders the sergeant to collect the crew's information so he can put them on report and storms back to his office to call for a new car. The sergeant collects their fake information and Windsor suggests that the sergeant hurry back to get the colonel a new ride. The reboard the truck and Silas drives away without further difficulty. They return to the Britannia and take off, then drop the truck from orbit so it burns up in the atmosphere. They fly over to Niska's base and meet with him again. He is somewhat disappointed in the level of their performance, obviously he has heard that the mission did not go very smoothly. But they succeeded and that's what counts, so he will pay them and Ruan is square with him, debt paid. But Ruan (meaning Emily) is so ashamed of his poor performance that he insists that he has not paid his debt. Niska accepts that, but pays the crew an extra 500 credits since Ruan's portion was not paid out. He dismisses them and the crew departs. Still in Georgia and empty, the crew debates their next stop. Cid and Ruan want to go to Santo and meet Silas' gun maker contact for some illegal gear, but Ronnie is horrified at the idea. Santo he admits is the location of the Blood Sworn assassin's guild. The crew considers some alternatives and decides to land on Boros and get a cargo going to somewhere near Santo, maybe Cid and Silas can hop across to Santo in a shuttle. Windsor also signs Silas and Ruan up for driving lessons on Boros…

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Michael "What skills are under Perception?"
Emily "Empathy, because I have it"
Lee "I do not"
Matt "We can tell"

Ruan likes doing the tourist thing, but after 12 days on Boros, he's running out of activities
Lee "'It's never boring on Boros', that's your favorite tshirt"
Kevin "But its vintage"

Talking about why Niska always seems to know what they're up to and that he is just keeping track of them because of Ruan's debt and because they do good work
Matt "Is that a list we really want to be on?"

Someone asked if marijuana is legal in the 'Verse and first I said no, because the Alliance is uptight, but then I realized that its in the Alliance's benefit for the people to be non-aggresive, so I said yes.
"So Pax Mark 1 is weed?"
"Fruity Oaty Bars are loaded with THC"

Talking about getting over the perimeter barbed wire fence
Matt "That's what carpet is for. Hey, let's ask Niska for the carpet you threw up on."
Kevin "What if it's electric?"
Matt "Then Ruan will go first"

Windsor is signing in to the visitor's log
Lee "Lieutenant Ramsbottom"

Installing the worm
Lee "Clippy pops up and says 'I see you're trying to install a virus, can I help?' "

Windsor is signing out
Lee "Lieutenant Ramsbottom"
Matt "Leftenant Ramsbottom"
Lee "Leftenant Reginald Ramsbottom…the third"
Jim "Esquire"

Emily rolls terrible and hits a car
Emily <dejected> "Why am I playing?"
Jim "For comic relief"

Kevin rolls okay to drive after Ruan's accident
Emily "That just further compounds my defeat"
Lee "Worst. Driver. Ever."
Kevin "I like that I botched once and I'm still the better driver"