Sly "Hack" Icebreaker

Played by Lee

Physical Description

Andrew Garfield - the actor who plays Spider-Man in the latest movies.


Sylvester was born and raised on Lothal, an outer rim planet that was suffering from a major economic depression prior to the rise of the Empire. The local government welcomed the Empire with open arms, hoping that investment in the local mining industry would turn around the economy. As Lothal was a minor source of Kyber crystals, the Imperials were very interested in taking over the mining operation and did so, bringing with it strict Imperial rule and typical disregard for the planet's inhabitants and environment.

Sylvester showed a preternatural skill with computers virtually from infancy; as soon as he was allowed on the house computer system to watch holovid or play educational games, he immediately reprogrammed his room holoprojector to project Gravball games on his ceiling. His parents were quite relieved when he started school as his attention was devoted to computer studies outside of the home.

Sylvester's parents were employed first by the local mining consortium and then directly by the Empire when they assumed control of local mining operations. They saw first hand the abuses of the Empire, and when Sylvester was 10 years old, they participated in a peaceful demonstration supporting miner's rights and environmental protection. The Empire massacred the protesters, claiming publically that the protest was a front for local insurgents to attempt to sabotage the mining operations.

Sylvester was raised by his aunt and uncle, kindly but simple folk. He became bored with school and his rebellious nature was amplified by the death of his parents. He quickly exhausted local schooling, becoming more adept at computer programming than his instructors, and turned to slicing partially from boredom and partially from his rebellious nature.

Sly, as he was now calling himself, hacked into the Imperial mining operation and basically "hired" himself as a computer analyst. He spent several months hacking into the Imperial database, researching his parent's deaths. He discovered evidence of the cover-up of the massacre and framing of his parents. He knew that there was little he could do alone to take revenge on the Empire, but rumours of the rebellion's destruction of the Death Star reached Lothal. Sly used his hacking skills to find enough traces of Rebel activity on the Spinternet to deduce the location of the rebel base on Tel III and used his job earnings to hire a smuggler to take him there.

Using the callsign "Hack", Sly presented himself to the rebels on Tel III and offered them his services. C'athall Ardan was impressed enough with the young man to take him on as part of his crew.


Rebellious, curious, eager, loves a challenge. Has a dark side (no, not that Dark Side) because of his parent's deaths at the hands of the Empire, but hides it successfully under a childlike, cheerful demeanor.


Revenge against the Empire for his parent's deaths

A Quote

"Feel the Slice!"


Computer Wiz (Major) +2D on all Computer Programming / Slicing rolls


Wisecraker (Minor) -1D on

Rebellious (Minor) -1D on


Dexterity 2+2 - Blaster 3+2 (Blaster Pistol Specialized 4+2), Dodge 3+1

Knowledge 3+2 - Streetwise 4+2, Willpower 4+2

Mechanical 2 - Sensors 2+1

Perception 3+2 - Bargain 4, Investigation 4, Forgery 4, Sneak 4

Strength 2 - Brawling 3 (Martial Arts Specialized 4)

Technical 4 - Computer Programming / Repair 5 (Imperial Specialized 6), Security 5 (Imperial Specialized 6c), Droid Programming 4+1, Droid Repair 4+1

Force Sensitive


Street Clothes, Electronic Lockpicking Kit, Comlink, Portable Computer +1, Data Pad, Electronic Tool Kit


Blaster Pistol - Damage 5, Short 3-7 Medium 25 Long 50, Ammo 25
Holdout Blaster - Damage 3, Short 3-4 Medium 8 Long 12, Ammo 6

Outlaw Tech- Human Male Jaa Telian- Jaa took a liking to the impertinent orphan who showed up in his shop on Genesia looking for hardware, he helped Sly assemble his gear and get access to government systems to start his search.

Criminal- Bith Male Daalon Narn- Daalon was wounded and trapped in an alley on Latoma, he was sure the Imps had him at last. But a young human boy helped him escape and get treatment. When the young man said he needed a ship to take him to Tel III, Daalon was able to make some connections for him.

Sympathetic Government Staffer- Human Female Miona Courte- Miona was heartbroken at Sylvester's story, and that he was travelling the galaxy alone. She helped him out with some travel paperwork and identity cards and hopes he will visit her on Laud again.