Gun Truck

The "gun truck" finally got its proper name: "Sweet Loretta". It is a heavy, four wheeled truck with seats for four and almost four tons of cargo. The crew "inherited" it from a group of pirates they defeated on Regina.
The gun truck originally had sheets of armor welded to the body to provide partial protection from small arms fire and a pintle mounted 20mm autocannon. The armor and cannon were stripped so the crew could use it on civilized worlds. But there's still a mount that will accept the cannon if needed.
The crew sold Sweet Loretta on Beaumonde in October 2518

4 tons
Speed Class 4
Agi d4 Str d8 Vit d8 Int d0 Ale d0 Wil d6 Life: 16
Assets- Tough as Nails (m)
Complications- Airbreather (m)
Complexity 26 (Average)
Components-1 ton
4 crew/pass-1 ton
fuel-.1 tons (40 pounds) 15 hours
Cargo- 1.9/3.8 tons carried
Cost- 80cr
Maintenance- 8cr/year