Gun Runners

Merry Christmas
The Britannia has landed on on Harvest and dropped off cargo and their passenger. With Christmas only a few days away on the standard calendar, the crew decides to take a short break and lay over for Christmas. They take leave and go Christmas shopping. Since the local season is late summer, they fly to Harvest's pole so they can have some snow and wintry weather. Captain Windsor buys everyone fine black cowboy hats, Silas bottles up some of his rum for everyone and Junior buys some old style revolvers, holster and some ammo for everyone. Naomi buys a stack of video games for the holo game in the crew lounge while Cid and Ruan buy individual gifts for everyone.
After Christmas, they decide to get to work and Cid goes looking for work and comes up empty. The captain is approached by a local, Nik Stathos who asks if he is familiar with Rance Burgess on Whittier? Captain Windsor has heard of him, nothing pleasant. Nik agrees and explains Burgess was recently killed in a dispute. Since he was the leading power on Whittier, the other land barons are starting to squabble over their shares, including the local Alliance magistrate. Now, control of Whittier should have been in the magistrate's hands to begin with, but his resources are small and Burgess controlled things with a combination of bribery, extortion and intimidation. With Burgess dead, the magistrate has decided to properly exert his control again and with the all the barons fussing, its the little people who are getting hurt when the boot comes down. Nik would like to help and has a shipment of rifles coming in to help the locals protect themselves. Unfortunately, its stuck on the Corone skyplex because Nik's usual shipper fell afoul of an inspection. Nik asks the captain to deliver a cargo to the skyplex, pick up his cargo and smuggle it back to its destination on Whittier. The captain is willing and Nik explains the cargo is three crates, waiting at the Alliance Postal office, its labelled as machinery parts. The captain agrees and the next morning they depart with a cargo of spare parts and supplies for the skyplex as a cover.

Sign here please
The trip to the skyplex is easy and uneventful. Corone skyplex is an entertaining stop (Its the space station at the beginning of the episode "The Message" and called the Space Bazaar in the board game) and the crew wanders a bit before picking up their cargo. The crates are loaded and tucked into some hidden spaces and the ship departs for Whittier. Unfortunately, on the way back the ship develops a fuel leak. Its not a huge issue, but not something that can easily be repaired while underway. Windsor decides it can wait until they arrive at a better port. Cid plots a course around the patrols and the captain brings the Britannia in for a smooth landing outside of town. The locals come out to meet the ship and the local contact, David Turner, thanks them for their efforts. They are having a little festival, would they like to stay for the pig roast? The crew agrees and gets some good food and good moonshine and let the locals talk them into staying a few days to give some tips on using the new rifles. Ruan decides that Naomi has been treating him differently since he killed their attackers on Gonghe. He decides to Read her and learns about the armed shuttle and her history. The next day they have some classes, Silas serves as the main instructor. Ruan teaches some first aid classes and they donate some extra medical supplies.

Live Fire Exercise
The second night there's trouble. Raiders attack and try to kidnap some town folk. The captain, Cid and Ruan rush to help, Silas and Junior grab the mule which now has the light machine gun in a pintle mount. Naomi is in the ship when the shooting starts and climbs to the upper hull with her gauss rifle. The crew on the ground exchanges fire with the kidnappers, but more raiders come out of the night and the battle continues. Naomi spots a jeep with a gun mounted on the back and fires but misses. The gunner starts firing grenades at her and misses, but hits the ship several times. Ruan's pistol and Cid's Auto Lock strike down a lot of bad guys, the captain gets a few kills with his new pistol then Junior and Silas arrive to add fire and the villagers start sniping with their new guns. The raiders are hit hard and Naomi snipes the gunner, then goes below and takes Shuttle 2 to fly overhead. She shines the landing lights on the bad guys and the crew continues to cut them down. Cid trashes the jeep by firing a full magazine into it, the surviving raiders break and ride into the night on horseback. The crew falls back to get first aid from Ruan, but Naomi takes the shuttle up high and follows the bad guys back to their hideout. Eventually they lead her to a ghost town, but there's lights and heat sources in the old hotel. She fires an explosive missile into the hotel, but clips a hilltop coming around for a second pass. She decides to return to the ship. The next day, Windsor flies Shuttle 1 out to the ghost town with the whole crew loaded for bear. Finding the town is easy, its marked by a column of smoke from the burning hotel. Looks like the bad guys fled, so they return to town. They strip the dead bad guys of gear and turn it over to the town, but keep the grenade launcher and some ammo from the truck. The locals thank them and Silas and Naomi patch the grenade holes in the hull and the ship heads to New Melbourne for permanent repairs and a new job.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The crew is talking about upgrading the ship, maybe cleaning up her hull so she looks better
Raleigh "That's polishing a turd"

Discussing the characters' backgrounds and who had Christmas growing up
Kevin "I think we would have Christmas on Higgins' Moon, it was a shitty, dirty, muddy Christmas"
They decided the Mudders had "mud trees"

Kevin "We don't have Boxing Day on Higgins' Moon; we didn't have boxes"
Emily "We have Hosing Day, to hose off the mud"

Kevin rolled for a batch of rum and got a 9, but he aged it so I said that gets a step bonus to 11
Emily "Your rum goes to 11"

Discussing Naomi can probably apply for her next qualification on her pilot's license, since she has been working as bridge crew with a registered, trustworthy crew
Kevin "So what crew have you been working with?"

Discussing buying bagpipes
Raleigh "What's the difference between D2 skill in bagpipes and D10?"
Lee "None"

Discussing if the ship landed on anyone at the town
Emily "Its like The Wizard of Oz"
Matt, in a squeaky voice "You dropped a spaceship on my sister!"

The village invites the crew to a pig roast
Raleigh "Is that when you get a retiring police officer and make fun of him?"

Talking about how good the food was
Lee "Dine on the swine, stick a fork in the pork, dig the pig"

Looking for attractive village girls
Michael "I want a cute one in a jumper"
Lee "You mean overalls? What are you looking for,

Discussing which shuttle to take
Jim "You're just going to land on a fence"
Matt "The captain has a very specific fetish"